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    Bowguns have been in monster hunter since the first generation, but seem to be a very underused weapon class. Online in tri, I hardly ever saw a gunner, although I did use a bowgun myself online. Like all weapon classes they have their advantages and disadvantages, which I will cover later. Firstly, a brief history of the bowgun.

    Bowguns were first added. Heavy and light classes existed, but there wasn't as much difference as later generations. There were no rapid fire or shields. Notably, Fatalis was very easy with a bowgun.

    Bows were added, giving major competition to the complex bowguns by being easier to use. In addition, both rapid fire for light bowguns and shields for heavy bowguns was added.

    Tri saw the addition of the extremely compl…

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  • Dax the hunter

    As some of you may be aware due to my mentions of it on other blogs, my 3ds xl has developed a fault. It turns itself off randomly and nintendo have been unable to fix it. 

    I contacted amazon and they said I could return it to get my money back and get another one (a replacement was not available as I had bought the limited edition bundle. DERP)

    My question is, how can I transfer my save data to a new 3ds? I had the downloaded version, and apparently this saves to the sd card. Is it simply a matter of copy+pasteing the old 3ds folder into the new sd card?

    I have NOT sent it off yet, I want to be sure I can continue where I left off. Please help.

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    Monster Guides?

    March 7, 2013 by Dax the hunter

    The monster info template with the page links on it has a link for guides for that monster. Thing is, hardly any of them have a guide on them. It seems that the guides do exist, but have been caught in a net of red tape and forgotton. The 3rd gen beta pages have guides for most of the monsters, but have not been added to the pages.

    Is the abandonment of the guide pages deliberate or accidental?

    The ones that do have guides on them seem to be mostly by admins (nothing bad about that) and some youtube people. Again, I don't have anything against them. It seems though that these have slipped past the long and seemingly forgotton beta pages. Where the rest of the guides have been left.

    I thought I'd bring this up here as it would get the question…

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    This blog is designed to uncover all those little things that we have all noticed or heard about, but do not know for sure. Please comment to confirm you have seen an effect or to describe one you have seen.

    Myths and rumors we are yet to confirm. These need testing, however some will require exstensive data collection, for example the piggie myth.

    • Both lightning rods and barrel bombs can be used in the snowy mountains at night, as the weather changes.
    • That age old myth - stroking the Piggie gives you good luck.
    • Felyne comrades actual defense (and possibly attack) vary depending on the rank of quest. My evidence for this is that they seem to be just as easy to knock out for low rank monsters as they are for G rank ones.
    • Yama Tsukami's tentacles…

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