Hello Fella Hunters! This blog is about our Felyne Comrades in MHP3. ^^\


Faithful Comrade

In MHP3, we are allowed to have two comrades in our quest. With that, we are able to complete our quest so easily. Changing armors of our comrades makes them tougher and stronger and with a combination of skills they become like true hunters not sidekicks. So what are the best way to make monsters run away when they face our felyne comrades? Simply by choosing the right felyne (personality, attack type, attack target), training, skills, weapon, and armor .

Here are suggestions that you should try. I tried this and it turns to an awesome felyne comrade.

Name that is enclosed with [ and ] is what I called the combinations.

So here is one for today:

[Paralysis Master]

Higher chance of paralysis. What else? ^^

Personality Chancy. (Any personality will do, don't worry. But try Chancy, paralysis is more often.)
Attack Type Boomerang. (Stuns monsters also but should hit the head often though.)
Attack Target Large Monsters Only. (Anything you want will do. I prefer LMO because idk. May be you want it to.)
Training Dumbell. (Whether a monster is on paralysis state or not, damage will take its place.)
Skills Status Attack Paralysis, Exploit Weakness, and Peircing


Weopon With at least 20% Affinity. No Elemental Attack. No other Abnormal State Attack.
Armor Anything.

[Bomber Cat]

Explanation Massive Damage. Felyne Comrade's bomb will do more damge.
Personality Loyal. When a monster is on rage mode your Felyne Comrade too will be on rage that causes him to have more attack damage.
Attack Type Bombs Only.
Attack Targert Large Monsters Only.
Training Dumbell. Choose Lvl. 1 Felyne Comrade. Start training with Dumbell until your Felyne Comrade is Lvl. 20.
Skills Felvine Bomb, Bomb Strength Up, and Large Barrel Bomb. If a monster got hit by felvine bomb, following bombs now have more damage. A pink smoke surrounding the body of monster indicates that it is hitten by felvine bomb.
Weapon Anything.
Armor With High Defense.

If you have any questions feel free to comment here.

You can share your own combinations of skills, armor, etc.

Thanks! ^^\

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