Yo all these new species of the old monsters are a hit,,,, they are so damn cool. Anyway there are some subsecies and rare species that i really like, such as the one species that they both been in almost all the monster hunter freedom games are the azure and silver rathalos, and the pink and gold rathian. The new species of the monster hunter 3 ultimate are the, subspecies of the lagaicrus, the jhen mohran subspecies, subspecies of the ceaeus, the subspecies of the angaktor (which is ice), crimson qurupeco, and last but yet there are more that i like, and this last one is one of the hardest and pain in the ass monster is the tigrex, but the subspecies of the tigrex is called the black tigrex (as if you do not know that, the black tigrex has very hard more new attacks such as it can do this very powerful roer that it will damage you if you cant get away by evading the attack unlike the original tigrex that roers but it's distance is not very far. Then the black tigrex will do a move were it will stop it's feet into the ground unlike the orinigal tigrex were it will just d a strong charge at you). Then you have one of the favorite sub and rarespecies called the nargacuga. It's new species are the green nargacuga and the raresubspecies that is really like a light blue color. So those are just my cool subspecies and rare species i like. But anyway , from looking up stuff on this wiki and other web-site, i have found out that, all the new monster including the subspecies and rare species, are very, very,very,strong,hard,and they Think, (which means they have stronger attacks,different attacks,and they can evade traps which is a pain.). So anyway, thats that and if you have any more data, please share it with me by leaving me a message,,thanks. :)

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