Here's a list of things I wanted done differently with Monster Hunter. I made this article a while ago, I've just now transferred it to my blog. Several of the ideas I still agree with, but it's been long enough that my opinions have changed concerning some of them. So, below each section I'm going to give my current opinion on the ideas, and in some cases amendments to them. I hope you don't still think I'm just complaining and I want to make the game too easy.

  • First off, in addition to regular jewels there should also be weapon jewels, or jewels that attach to weapons only and enhance their powers. For example, say you have a longsword with 4 weapon jewel slots and this longsword doesn't have any elemental powers. So, you attach 4 fire attack jewels (ex. 120 points per elemental attack jewel) and suddenly the sword now has a fire attribute of 480! Or better yet, say that you have a longsword with 3 weapon jewel slots and a poison element. So, you attach 1 stun attack jewel, 1 dragon attack jewel, and 1 lightning attack jewel and now the weapon uses 4 elements simultaneously! It would also be cool to have element and power converter jewels; put an element converter jewel on a weapon and it changes its element to whatever element you put in the remaining slots, whereas a power converter jewel would remove the elemental power and add those points to the raw attack power. And there should also be different effects for different element combinations. Here are some examples- fire + thunder = blue flames, fire + dragon = black flames, fire + water = vapor, poison + stun = orange lightning, water + thunder + ice = ice blade blizzard, fire + water + thunder = wind blades, stun + thunder + dragon + water = spirit shock orbs, all elements together = aurora element.

I still agree with this, although there should be restrictions so it doesn't become broken (like a weapon with an aurora element of 2,000, for example). Weapons that have no elemental powers should have more weapon jewel slots, whereas weapons that already have elements will have less weapon jewel slots. Additionally, the more weapon slots a weapon has, the less powerful each individual element will be. So maybe one or two weapons for each weapon class would have enough slots to use the aurora element (all elements/status effects simultaneously) but its total power would be somewhere between 520 and 620; that seems reasonable enough, though maybe for certain weapon types the limit could be lower.

  • Second, I do not like that to get Potential you have to take your health down below 40% and to get Felyne Heroics you have to take it down to just 3 notches. It's great to have a higher attack power, but the fact that one slight touch means instant death...not so great. Why not just include a new item called Potential Potion that activates the potential skill and/or Felyne Heroics when you take it? And it doesn't even have to last the whole mission; it could last for 10 minutes and limit the carriable number to 5. That would still be better than having to take your health down to such a low level that a kelbi could kill you!

They nerfed Adrenaline +2 and Felyne Heroics so much in MHFU that this doesn't even matter anymore. Better off just going with Felyne Atk Boost, Attack Up Large and RA +2 or 3; still kicks @$$ and at least you won't die in one hit. I have survived a low-level Kut-Ku's tail whip using Silver Sol Z with Adrenaline 2 and Heroics, but only because I had it barely activated and his defense was like 1,100! After that, he had like one pixel of health left! Yeah, it's just not worth it anymore.

  • Third, I hate faint; the thing caused by Gypceros's flash attack and by getting hit with powerful attacks. I have been knocked out because of those stupid stars so many times, and most of those times I could've survived if not for it! Forget the faint negated skill; please, for God's sake, JUST GET RID OF FAINT!!!

Gotta say that this still pisses me the f**k off from time to time. Gypceros is delt with easily enough, it's when I get hit down to critical health by the Rajang or some other freak and the stars start that causes problems. The only solution is to get armor with faint negated (which, chances are, has lousy elemental resistance) or to gem armor for the skill (which limits what other skills you can have). Just really pisses me off, cause under those circumstances all you can do is roll the analog like mad and hope for the best. Which, by the way, is one of the reasons I've had to replace my PSP so many times; the analog wears out a helluva lot faster because of it.

  • Fourth...earplug. In the real world, if you want to protect your hearing you either put plugs in your ears or you wear ear muffs; you don't put on armor and put jewels in every place but your ears to protect your hearing! Every helmet in the game (unless physically its more like a hat or if its piercing) should automatically come with either earplug or high grade earplug. Or if not that, have it as an item you carry; even if it was 20,000 z for regular earplug and 60,000 z for high grade earplug, it would still be better than using up jewel slots for hear protection!

Do I still agree with this? Hell yes! Enough said.

  • Fifth, you got the heat and cold thing backwards. Think about it; during the winter or any time that its cold, you're more likely to become sick...and your health becomes worse. And the hotter it is, the harder it becomes to remain physically active; your stamina is lower. See...all you gotta do is switch them, so that when you're in the cold your health bar goes down without hot drink and when you're in the heat your stamina bar goes down without cold drink.

Of course I still agree with common sense.

  • Sixth, there's powercharm and powertalon for increasing attack power, armorcharm and armortalon for increasing defense...why not dragon charm and dragon talon to increase dragon resistance? Or even better, element charm and element talon? Have it so that with both of those, your resistance to every element increases by 20 points. That would certainly be nice to have in a fight with Fatalis.

Doesn't really matter if they increase the dragon resist or all resist skills.

  • Seventh, it would be cool to dual-wield longswords, or to wield giant swords like the one in that cave where you get dark stones and dark pieces. Maybe to make it just slightly more plausible you could include a special weapons training category and by completing those training missions characters would gain the ability to wield such weapons. Perhaps even a set of training armor, or special armor that gives wearers the ability to dual-wield longswords or wield gigantic great swords.

Still agree.

  • Eighth, I know you've probably already heard this from every other monster hunter, but it would be awesome to have the ability to raise monsters and, after they've grown and been trained, ride them into battle and have them help you complete missions. And, of course, to paint them whatever color you want. To fly in on the back of a white rathalos, and to have control over how it moves and awesome would that be?!

Still agree, of couse. Does anyone disagree with this idea?

  • Ninth, some of the weapons need to be redesigned. The one most in need of a new design is the Diablo Destroyer; that is the ugliest great sword I've ever seen! Its negative affinity is bad enough, but you could at least make it look good. Next on the list- the Dragonwood Longsword. It's a 2 by 4 with a handle and writing on the sides, i.e. crap. It's the only stun element longsword, and it really is a good weapon; there's no reason for it to look like such a piece of junk! Next, the Chrome Razor. I had high hopes for that sword, but when I finally saw what it looked like I was very disappointed. That thing is about as chrome as a wadded up piece of recycled paper, and the Death Razor doesn't even have white sharpness! Now some people might not agree with this next one, but I think the Akantor Katana also needs to be redesigned. Not by much, though; just make it thinner, cause it's fat and looks more like a great sword than a longsword. The Tigrex Katana could also benefit from a redo. It's not as ugly as the Diablo Destroyer, but considering the blue and gold color scheme of the Tigrex it could've looked a lot better...and considering the name, a lot more like a katana. Now the only other one I can think of at the moment is the Kirin Thundersword; it's too horny, no pun intended. It would be awesome if it looked like the Divine Slasher, except wider cause it's a great sword and give it a white, dark blue and light metallic blue color scheme.

Not only do I still agree, but I've made new designs myself and put them up on my user page. Check em out if you haven't already.

  • Tenth, how about some new weapon classes? How about shurikens, whips, maces, dual-guns, gun-swords, giant spiked shot-puts, and bladed gloves and boots for hand-to-hand combat? And another thing that would be cool is alternate fighting styles for the weapons that already exist. And also, why are throwing knives a supply item? They should be normal items so you can make them and take them on any mission, and change the limit from 5 to 20; 5 is only enough to poison, stun, or put a monster to sleep once, so its not useful unless you have more.

Still agree? Why not?

  • Eleventh, some new skills would be nice. How about a speed skill that increases the speed of running, attacks, and everything else, in addition to a complimentary skill that allows you to move faster and see things in slow motion. Another skill that would be nice is the ability to levitate and fly around. And how about a teleportation skill that pauses the game and allows you to select and teleport to any place in the level. And another skill that would be great is one that protects you from the roar of a Tigrex or Akantor at close range. I tried it with earplug and Dragon Wind Breaker, but at close range he still got blown away and received damage. So a skill that prevents that from happening would really come in handy.

I still agree with some of these, but not all. The high speed/slo motion skill would be awesome, and the flying skill could come with Yamatsukami armor but drain stamina and cause power/mega juice to run out faster if used. Teleportation would be fun, but unfortunately it would also be broken; nothing could hit you unless you allowed it to, and in multiplayer people would constantly be pausing the game to teleport and if you weren't teleporting yourself you'd be forced to wait. Selective Farcasters would be nice, though; you select what area you wanna go to, and it teleports you there when you use it. You'd still be limited to 11, though. And finally, the anti-roar skill doesn't really matter for Tiggy or Akantor, but it sure as hell would come in handy against shovelhead; I can't use longsword against him, gotta use something that can block partly thanks to that roar. Oh, well.

  • I saw on the monster hunter wishlist that someone said they wanted to be able to create custom weapons. That was one of the things I meant to put here on my list, but it needs to be a little more specific. Assuming they actually put that in one of the future games, chances are that the weapons will be divided up into parts. For example, the blade of a sword may be divided into three or four parts, the handle into two or three parts, the guard into two parts, and the sheath would have parts corresponding to the blade. In other words, custom weapons would be made by mixing and matching the pre-made parts, perhaps with the ability to change colors and textures. The only alternative would be to include a program similar to 3D Studio Max but a lot simpler so that anyone can use it. That's what I, personally, would prefer because it would have less limits than the other way. I'd have to say the same thing about a custom armor creator. And before I forget, another thing I saw on the monster hunter wishlist were suggestions for throwable bombs in different elements, as well as elemental barrel bombs. MHF2 already has anti-dragon bombs, but those are supply items and only work on Lao Shan's back. So I guess the throwable bombs should be dragon grenade, ice grenade, thunder grenade, etc. and the barrel bombs should be dragon barrel bomb, ice barrel bomb, etc. Nevermind small elemental barrel bombs, but there should still be ice barrel bomb +, dragon barrel bomb +, etc.

Still agree.

  • Sword Saint gives its wearer the ESP skill without the need for other fencing armor or jewels. With SSP and four other pieces of armor with 3 slots each, it is possible to have both ESP and High Grade Earplug...two skills that are very important to blademasters seeking to slay Crimson or White Fatalis. You're usually forced to choose between one or the other, but not with Sword Saint Piercing. That is the reason I seek to get it, but there's just one gigantic problem. SSP cannot be bought or made; the only way to get it is to complete all the special training missions with all the weapons, and the only way to get all the special training missions is to complete all the regular training missions with all weapons!!! WTF?!!!!! Okay...surely you'll be given good weapons and armor for all the different missions and weapon categories, right? Hah! Like hell you will! You can count on having pathetic defense and low-level weapons, not to mention a normal health bar and, in some cases, elemental resistance so far below zero its sickening! Oh, and guess who's in the final special training mission? Rajang. I hate the Rajang, but I loathe having to do all these missions just to get Sword Saint Piercing. Even if it took Lao Ruby, Los Ruby, Ian Ruby, Daora Jewel, etc. and 200 or even 300,000 z to make and a starting defense upgrade cost of 10,000 z that would still be better than having to complete these training missions to get it. I truly hope that it will be easier to get in the next game, but I'm sure as hell not gonna hold my breath. If there's anything I've learned about this game, it's this: just when you think it can't possibly get any harder, it does. So I'll bet that in the next game, they'll add even more training missions and make them even harder to beat. Even if they don't, I'm not gonna be getting SSP any time soon.

It is easier in Freedom Unite; they give you the Special Training Missions, so you don't have to complete all those regular training missions. As a matter of fact, I have Sword Saint Piercing now, both for my main profile and for my secondary profile (Natasha). It was still a pain to get, but after a lot of patience and hard work I got it. The defense maxes out at only 54, but it is piercing so I guess I can't complain.

  • I just remembered another skill that I thought of a while back but forgot to put on the list; an auto-potion skill. I know I can't be the only one who's had this problem: a monster knocks you down, taking your health down to a critical level, and they turn and attack you not even a nanosecond to dodge or block and knocking you out. But here's how this auto-potion skill that I have in mind would work: any healing potions and materials for making more healing potions you take with you will, upon activating the skill, be combined into a potion bar just below the stamina bar. The more potions/materials you have, the longer it will last...and you'll never have to worry about getting knocked out while you're down because it will heal damage the very moment you receive it. And to be more specific, let's say for example that you have the auto-potion skill activated and have ten normal potions and a max potion with you. Now say that a small monster attacks you and leaves half a potion worth of green damage and another half red damage. Assuming that you don't also have high speed damage recovery +1 or 2, three fourths of a potion will be transfered from the potion bar to the health bar, thus bringing your health to full; red damage will be healed with half the amount of healing points required for an equivalent amount of green damage. With high speed rec. +1, the amount required to heal red damage would be 1/4, and with rec. +2 it would be 1/8. Now say that your potion bar has transferred the 10 potions to heal damage and all you have left is a max potion worth of healing points. You are hit once with a powerful attack, leaving a small amount of green health and a large section of red health; obviously less than the healing points of a max potion. But instead of using it all to heal the damage, it will only take what it needs to heal the damage and leave the rest in the potion bar. If by the end of the mission you have an uneven number of health points remaining, it will use those points to make as many potions/mega potions as possible and the remaining odd amount will be made into an incomplete potion (example: Potion (64/100) which can be combined with other incomplete potions to make normal potions or, if you don't mind using an extra item spot, simply left for the next mission. Now, let's say that you have the auto-potion skill but didn't bother to combine any potions; you have 10 blue mushroom, 10 herb, 10 honey, 5 nutrients, 5 mega nutrients, 10 dragon toadstool, 10 immunizer and 10 kelbi horn. The auto-potion skill would automatically combine these when activated, using materials in order of priority; the 10 immunizer and 10 kelbi horn would be combined into 10 ancient potions (the health points transferred to the potion bar and the stamina points made into 10 stamina potions), then the 5 mega nutrients would be combined with 5 dragon toadstool to make 5 max potions, the 5 nutrients combined with 5 honey and then the remaining 5 dragon toadstool to make 5 more max potions, the blue mushroom and herb would be combined to make 10 potions, and finally the 5 remaining honey would be combined with the potions to make 5 mega potions. All of this would, of course, be done as soon as you activate the auto-potion skill, and all those thousands of health points would be transferred to the potion bar. Finally, let's say that you have auto-potion but you also have Adrenaline +2 and Felyne Heroics and you want to use them. Do not activate the auto-potion skill until after you've taken your health down to 3 notches; that would be set as the health level to be maintained. But because its being maintained at such a dangerously low level, it would take a lot more health points to heal damage (example- 45 notches worth of health points to bring it back from 0 to 3 notches, or 15 times the number of health points normally required). Because if it remained the same and players used Adrenaline and Felyne Heroics with auto-potion and took as many potions with them as possible, they would basically be invincible.

Well, that was a long one! Though, to make it fair, it should only work when you're down on the ground, under attack, and you have no chance of getting up and dodging in time to avoid being KO'ed.

  • I think someone probably said this on the Monster Hunter Wishlist, but it would be nice to have elemental coating for bows (Fire Coating, Ice Coating, Water Coating, Thunder Coating and Dragon Coating). And also, it would be great if those could be combined with Power Coating and the Abnormal Status Coatings. For example: Thunder Coating + Stun Coating + Power Coating = Power Shock Coating, Dragon Coating + Poison Coating + Power Coating = Power Venom Coating, Ice Coating + Sleep Coating + Power Coating = Power Cryo Coating...there's a dozen more possible combinations, but that's enough to get the idea.

Eh...why not? But honestly, the only reason I ever got into using bows is because I needed Fatalis Wings and you have to use either bows or bowguns to get them, and at the time I preferred bows over bowguns. Now I think I like bowguns better, except they're too limited with dragon S.

  • I've been looking over the greatswords and longswords that are gonna be in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and there's a couple things that don't seem right. First off, the upgrades of the Wyvern Blades; "Maple" gets upgraded into the Wyvern Blade "Silver", which is basically the same as "Maple" except it has a higher raw and elemental AP and it's colored like a Silver Rathalos instead of a regular Rathalos. And "Silver" upgrades into "Glory", again with a higher AP and silver instead of scarlette red. Now, based on this, it would make sense and would seem logical to have the Wyvern Blade "Holly" upgrade into Wyvern Blade "Gold", a poison longsword that's gold and made from Golden Rathian parts, And then have "Gold" upgrade into Wyvern Blade "Victory" (names derived from Glorious Victory because you fight the Silver Rathalos and Golden Rathian in the tower, the same place you fight White Fatalis) again the same as "Gold" except more powerful. But that's not the way they did it; Wyvern Blade "Holly" upgrades into "Silver", so you might as well not even upgrade "Holly" if you have "Maple" and can upgrade that into "Silver". Why did you idiots do it that way?! Do you have something against gold swords? Well could've been better. And it could've been better still if the elements were different; give Wyvern Blade "Silver" the Thunder element and Wyvern Blade "Gold" the Dragon element; it goes perfectly with the colors, not to mention the whole Heaven and Earth theme. Now on to the next problem, the upgrades of the True Devil Slicer and the Smolder Dragonsword. There are only two differences between the True Devil Slicer and the Smolder Dragonsword; 1.) They have different designs, and 2.) They use different elements. The True Devil Slicer upgrades into the Howling Devil Slicer, which has an AP of 960 and a Thunder attribute of 540. That upgrades into the True Howling Devil, AP of 1200 and a Thunder of 560. But the Smolder Dragonsword, instead of similarly increasing its AP and element as you'd expect, only upgrades to the Ancient Dragonsword and has an AP of 1056 and a Dragon attribute of 540. Well, I don't know about the rest of you, but I think that's bullsh*t! The Ancient Dragonsword should have the same raw and elemental AP as the Howling Devil Slicer and upgrade into the Legendary Dragonsword- AP of 1200 and a Dragon attribute of 560. And if you must change something about their similarities, here's another idea: introduce a White Lao Shan Lung into the game, a Lao Shan that's been in the desert...his shell bleached of color by the blowing sands, and have the Legendary Dragonsword made from White Lao Shan parts. Now that would be awesome!

Hell yes I still agree with this, and I'm not ever going to stop agreeing with it! If you don't (though I can't imagine why you wouldn't) well then that's just too f**kin bad!

  • A while back I was looking at some Monster Hunter pics on google, and one of them caught my attention. It was a picture of a guy with a great sword cutting the head off of a Rathalos. I'm sure at least some of you have seen it before. I assume the picture was photoshopped, because I've never been able to cut a Rath's head off even with white sharpness and focusing almost all of my attacks on the point just behind the head. So my question is why not? If you can cut off the tail then you should also be able to cut off the head, legs, wings, etc. I could understand if they made it a lot harder to cut off the head, legs, and wings than the tail (cut off one of the legs and it looses its ability to run and charge, cut off one of its wings and it can't fly away so it has to run to the exits like a Gravios, and if you cut its head off, obviously, it dies immediately) but it should be possible in order to make the game more realistic. Have it so that it takes lots of attacks to cut off a leg, wing or head and doesn't come off until the monster's health is at 20% or less. And it should apply to any monster, even Lao Shan and Fatalis, but for them you'd have to have white sharpness at least and ESP and it would still take a lot more hits to cut their tails off or decapitate them.

Still agree with this; the game needs to be more realistic in terms of the damage inflicted on monsters. Might have to change the rating to M, but it would definitely be an improvement. That would mean realistic desicration; I know I'm not the only one who's hacked at or shot a dead monster on here, and if one pisses me off enough that's all I do...don't even bother carving it. They could make it so that the more you desicrate it, the less items remain for the rewards but only items associated with the strongest parts of the monster would remain.

  • Another thing I'd like to see in future games is higher levels for the skills that already exist. For example, have Attack Up (XL) and Attack Up (XXL). How about Defense +50 and Defense +60? And Sharpness +2, which would allow you to have blue sharpness with the Akantor Katana and other weapons with low green sharpness. Reckless Abandon +4 and Reckless Abandon +5 would be nice. And higher element defense skills would be fantastic; the Fatalis armor would really benefit from Dragon Resist +20 or +30. Higher levels for the Special Attack Up and Element Attack Up skills would also help, especially with weapons that have low elemental powers like the Susano Blade or the Monoblos Scythe. And last but certainly not least, High Speed Damage Recovery +3 and +4. Speed Recovery +3 would increase the recovery speed of red health by a factor of 8 and Speed Recovery +4 would increase recovery by 16. Reaching these higher level skills would require more points, and as a result either more armor slots or 1-slot jewels with more points. For example, Killer Jewel (1 slot, 5 attack points), Tank Jewel (1 slot, 5 defense points), Sharper Jewel (1 slot, 5 artisan points), Fighter Jewel (1 slot, 5 expert points), Anti-Dragon Jewel (1 slot, 5 Dragon Res points; also Anti-Fire Jewel, Anti-Water Jewel, etc.), Power Status Jewel (1 slot, 5 spc attack points) and Power Element Jewel (1 slot, 5 element attack points) and Super Recovery Jewel (1 slot, 5 Rec Speed points). This would make it easier to have skills even if your armor has only 1 slot per piece, but these high-level jewels would require more items to create, and they would also cost more to make, attach to and remove from armor.


  • You can wear armor to increase your defense and use Powercharm and Powertalon and other enhancements to increase your attack power, but the character itself never gets faster, stronger or more powerful. But I think it would be cool, not to mention more realistic, if the character could improve. Say, for example, that you start with one particular weapon and armor set, and you don't upgrade either one. In the first ten missions, you would gain 12 attack points, 12 defense points and a 5% increase in the speed of your movements. In the next ten missions, you would gain 11 attack points, 11 defense points, and a 4.9% increase in speed. The next ten, 10 attack points, 10 defense points, 4.8% speed increase and so on. After 100 missions, your attack power and defense would both have increased 75 points and your speed would've increased by 45.5%. After 120 missions, you would have to do another 11 missions to get another attack point and defense point. After that, 12, then 13, and so on. After 500 missions, attack power and defense would've gone up to 97 points and the speed of your movements would've increased to 127.5% above normal and would only increase by 0.1% after another 11 missions, then 12, 13, and so on. This rate of increasing power, defense and speed would remain constant, but if you change anything about your armor or weapon it would pause the growth rate for five missions before continuing wherever you left off. Also, there should be a way to adjust your power, defense and speed; increasing or decreasing it between normal and however many points you've earned as you see fit.

Still agree. Attack, defense and speed grow at a lesser rate over time, so it's not like you could get 10,000 Attack and Defense points and move at the speed of sound...not unless you played the game your whole life, and even then it probably wouldn't be that high. And as I was discussing with Niteshade a while back, weapon and armor weight would also be a factor in character power and speed.

  • Here's another idea I had a while ago but forgot to put on the list: Mega Expand Pickaxe. It would be harder to get than normal Expand Pickaxe, but could be combined with any item in the game to make two copies of that item. So if you have a Hvy Armor Sphere and Mega Expand Pickaxe and combine them, you'll be left with 3 Hvy Armor Spheres. And since it could combine with any item in the game, you could also use it to make copies of hard-to-get monster parts like Fire Dragon Powder, Lao Shan Ruby, and Monoblos Heart. That's what reminded me of this idea; all I need to get Siegmund is a Monoblos Heart but I've been having a hell of a time trying to get one. And while I'm on that subject, how about Supersonic Bombs that work on Monoblos/Diablos even if they're in rage mode? Better yet, how about a new bomb called a Capture Bomb that's expensive, requires high-level materials to make and you can only carry 1 per mission, but the advantage is that it's extremely powerful, and its power is adjustable. You could adjust its power in an options menu and select the type of monster you want to capture, in addition to the monster's rank; the higher the rank and amount of attack points required, the more expensive it would be to make the Capture Bomb. As for what materials would make the bomb, that would also depend on the monster type and rank. For example, a bomb made to take an Elder quest Monoblos down to critical health could be made with 3 Mega Barrel Bomb+ (Lg. Barrel Bomb+ combined with powderstone), 3 Kirin Horns, 3 Lightning Rods, and a Shock Trap. Once you find it, you just place the Capture Bomb and hit the Monoblos with a paintball. The moment the Monoblos comes within range of the capture bomb, the shock trap component will stun it, the 3 Kirin Horns and Lightning Rods will inflict Thunder damage upon it (regardless of weather), and finally the Mega Barrel Bomb+'s explode, taking the Monoblos down to 2% health. Then all you gotta do to capture it is set up a shock trap and hit it with 2 tranq bombs. But if you simply wanted to kill the monster with it, you could make a Capture Bomb designed to critically wound a higher-level monster that has the same elemental weakness. But for the highest-level monsters (G-Rank Kirin, Crimson Fatalis, Akantor, etc.) the cost of making a Capture Bomb designed for them would be equal to the money awarded for completing the mission, I.E. your only profit would be monster parts. But say, for example, you used a Capture Bomb designed for a G-Rank Kushala Daora against a Crimson Fatalis, you'd still make some money and though you'd have some fighting to do the mission would be much easier to complete.

Mega Expand Pickaxe...yes. Capture Bomb...not so much. It would be fun to attack monsters with tactical nukes, but it would also be broken. I was just ticked off cause at the time I was trying to get Monoblos Heart and having a hard time. In Unite if's fairly easy to get, though.

Well, that's all I can think of for now, but I'm sure I'll have more later.

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