• DarkStar Knight

    This is annoying...

    October 23, 2010 by DarkStar Knight

    With this new page setup every time I try to scroll down to the bottom of the page it automatically sends it back up to the top. It usually only does it once, then doesn't do it again, but in preview mode it keeps jumping up whenever I try to scroll down to edit. So that's pretty annoying, but whatever...just thought I'd write this to get another badge, since edits to my other blogs apparently don't give any points. Not that it really matters. I guess that's all for now, I'll add more later if something else annoys me.

    15:15, November 26, 2010 (UTC) - 30 days straight isn't good enough, apparently, gotta go 60 what's next a whole flippin year?! I need a break but damnit I'll never get caught up for that badge if I stop now! So here; I'll w…

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  • DarkStar Knight

    Journal Entries

    June 16, 2010 by DarkStar Knight

    Note: New entries are at the bottom.

    For the rest: These journal entries are nothing new; they’re from my talk page, and were transferred to my blog. If you have a problem with something I said in March or April of 2009, go get a f**king time machine and tell it to me then cause I don’t wanna hear about it now!

    18:24, 11 March 2009

    Hello and welcome to my talk page. I don't really have much to say now that I haven't already on my profile, except that I defeated the White Fatalis with the help of a friend who's back in town for spring break. It took several tries (because it was his first time fighting Whitey and he kept getting killed by the lightning strikes, not to mention that the game glitched up a lot) but I think it was on the fifth or …

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  • DarkStar Knight
    Here's a list of things I wanted done differently with Monster Hunter. I made this article a while ago, I've just now transferred it to my blog. Several of the ideas I still agree with, but it's been long enough that my opinions have changed concerning some of them. So, below each section I'm going to give my current opinion on the ideas, and in some cases amendments to them. I hope you don't still think I'm just complaining and I want to make the game too easy.

    • First off, in addition to regular jewels there should also be weapon jewels, or jewels that attach to weapons only and enhance their powers. For example, say you have a longsword with 4 weapon jewel slots and this longsword doesn't have any elemental powers. So, you attach 4 fire att…

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