K, so guys in my clan know that i am in the making of a wiki. ONLY MEMBERS IN OUR CLAN can post info about themselves that they want to be put on the wiki. Also post ideas for what to put on it, and anything else.

    Basic layout for profile:

    1. Name in wiki and name in game

    2. ID in game

    3. Hunter rank

    4. Specific specialities

    5. Main monster you hunt

    6. Veterancy level (# of Mh games you have played and since when. Example: i have played every single one)

    7. Main armor sets and weps you use (not including a specific armor with a specific wep. So no lagiacrus with lagiacrus lance and lagiacrus armor with rathalos long sword and vice versa.)

    8. Pick a main picture for you that will be the picture on the wiki homepage (this only applies to the founding…

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    new clan need members

    September 2, 2010 by DA BEAST

    Well, actually, the clan i had made nobody joined, so now im looking to join a US SERVER (it seems like everyone here is EU). I have skills as a lon sword and hammer person. I am an MH veteran since MH 1. I use water and fire hammers, dragon, fire, and water longswords, and I also use (though not as much) paralysis and slepeping lances. I also have a dragon switch axe witch can be helpful at times. HR 34 and climbing. available on saturdays and sundays. I have fought all but agnaktor, deviljho, and alatreon.

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    No more

    May 2, 2010 by DA BEAST

    So im not going to make ay more guides. apparently they are proving useless as only 3 people commented on the qurupeco guide. if you think i should write more, please comment here

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