I have been watching Lord Loss doing Discussion of the week and i thought 'what if i created a new blog post that would partner with DotW'. So I have now started a new Blog post called

Challange of the Week

With Challange of the week you will be able to challange yourself with some challanges of Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. Some of the challanges will cosist of Quests and Training School Challanges.

Anyone who plays Monster Hunter Freedom Unite will be able to compete in these challanges.

Just type in your time if its a Training School Challange in the response box below the page.

Best Regards- CryoAkrid

The Challange of the Week continues after 2 weeks sterting next week.

It might be late in the week, but this weeks Challange is:

Training School Times: Try to beat the Yian Kut-Ku under 1:30 using the Lance.

Best Time Wins!

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