For now on, after drinking alot of beer and sittng on the Guild Table with Joker550, I have decided to make a HARDCORE challenge for every first day of the month! (results may vary)

These Challenges will consist of HARDCORE objectives to literally DESTROY the mind of even the toughest of hunters. You can only use the equipment reqiured to do these tasks.

Ladies and Gentlemen let it Begin


HARDCORE LOW- Complete the High Rank Guild Quest 'Ultimate Crab Dinner' using Low Rank Armor, not the G-Rank armor or the S and U Armor but low rank Armor using any weapon under the rarity of 5.

HARDCORE MED'- Complete the High Rank Quest ''The Shoguns Encampment' under 10 Mins, using Low Rank Armor with any Longsword under the Rarity of 5.

HARDCORE G-  Complete the High Rank Quest Red Lightning, Violet Blade while wearing no Armor while using any weapon under the Rarity of 5.

Are YOU up the challenge? The One that completes it will get a Special Mention in the next Challenge.

Goodluck, Skilled Hunters!


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