Well, well...

... Looks like some people want some hardcore action, yes? Now when you play the challanges they ust be done singleplayer and you must use the required equipment.

Now everyweek is going to have a HARDCORE challange, in which you must use unupgraded equipment.

Low- Defeat the Kirin using the Sword and shield in the Battle training, Training School challange. This one is about survival so you will need to dodge alot of Thunder Element based attacks, plus the fact that you don't get much potions to heal. My time was 7:29 try to beat the challange under 8:00.

Med- In the Chief Quest- Snowy Mountains, slay a Popo by kick it, You can't use any skills that increases the damage of kick attacks and you can not use Kitchen skills. Count how many kicks you get before you slay it and post the number in the comments. FUNFACT- If you use the Kitchen skill "Felyne Fighter" you will be able to damage monsters by punching them with the gesture "Taunt".

HARDCORE- Defeat the Nargacuga in the Nekohts quest "Secret Request- Nargacuga!" using Low rank Unupgraded armor using the Khezu Shock Sword!


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