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Challange of the Week

CryoAkrid September 28, 2012 User blog:CryoAkrid

Challange of the Week

Since the times of the forst challange was a bit wonky(cause i'm on holidays), i've squeezed one in for this week.

We are going to have different difficulties for the chalanges for example:




These challanges will have different quests for them.

Low quests will be training quests.

Med quests will be chief quests

High quests will be Nekoht's quests.

This weeks will be:

Low- Finish the Blangonga training quest with the bow gun under 5:00

Med-Slay the Tigrex in the quest 'Sinking feeling'

High-Slay the Kin Shakalaka in the quest 'Wack a Shakakala'

Best Regards- CryoAkrid

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