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  • CryoAkrid

    Challenge of the Week-9

    November 11, 2012 by CryoAkrid

    Welcome back to another Challenge of the Week!

    This week will consist of challenges which could only be done with Bows, So go brave hunters and complete your challenges only using bows!

    Theres a catch though, you may use any coating, (This weeks challenge's are for people who play MH games with bows).


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  • CryoAkrid

    Challenge of the Week 8

    November 6, 2012 by CryoAkrid

    Welcome back to Challenge of the Week!

    Well, it looks like I can't be the only one to post challenges, I want YOU to post challenges

    To have this I want you write and answer the challenges in this for

    To post a challenge press the comment tab and post the challenge, to post your time or comment about the challenge press the reply tab.

    I will start one off for you.

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  • CryoAkrid

    For now on, after drinking alot of beer and sittng on the Guild Table with Joker550, I have decided to make a HARDCORE challenge for every first day of the month! (results may vary)

    These Challenges will consist of HARDCORE objectives to literally DESTROY the mind of even the toughest of hunters. You can only use the equipment reqiured to do these tasks.

    Ladies and Gentlemen let it Begin


    HARDCORE LOW- Complete the High Rank Guild Quest 'Ultimate Crab Dinner' using Low Rank Armor, not the G-Rank armor or the S and U Armor but low rank Armor using any weapon under the rarity of 5.

    HARDCORE MED'- Complete the High Rank Quest ''The Shoguns Encampment' under 10 Mins, using Low Rank Armor with any Longsword under the Rarity of 5.

    HARDCORE G-  Complete the High R…

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  • CryoAkrid

    I have been busy this week so its a bit late...

    Don't rage over this one-

    Low- Slay the Diamyo Hemitaur using the Longsword in the Battle Training quests, Without any Items, under 5 minutes.

    Med- Slay the Shen Gaoren using the Anvil Hammer.

    HARDCORE- Slay the Slay the Khezu On the first lot of Nekohts quests using the Ceanataur Blade Stinger

    Goodluck *waves*

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  • CryoAkrid

    CryoAkrid here, WAZZUP!?!!!

    Anyway it looks like my responders are pretty happy with the changes I have made. These changes will stand for now on so I hope you enjoy this weeks challanges.

    Low- Pfft, this one is an easy one... DEFEAT THE TIGREX WITH THE PRINCESS RAPIER. You may take as long as you want. But make sure to not destroy your PSP in the process of being owned!

    Med- Using any lance under the rarity of 4 defeat the Small Khezu under 15 minutes in the chief quest-Small Shadow over the Swamp.... NAKED.... (WIthout Armor or piercings).

    HARDCORE- In the quest- Green Waves of Venture- Slay Both of the Plesioth using the -Leather S Armor- and the Guardian Sword...(My favourite LongSword :3).

    If you have any ideas write on my talk page or cha…

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