• Crazy Chopper

    Ok, as some people on my forum post said, I need to turn my monster-making antics into a blog. Well, here it is.


    Class: Flying Wyvern

    Structure: Grey-green flying wyvern. Structure is very similar to Espinas, but the Geiruhebi has forest green wing webbings and prominent, purple wing talons. The tail is similar to that of a Nargacuga, but has no spikes and ends in a very fine point. When a Geiruhebi gets enraged, it's usually passive yellow eyes go a deep red shade, and it's wings extend out more. The head is similar in build to a Rathalos's head, just without the chin spike. The roar requires High-Grade earplugs to block, and is rather high pitched. Along the length of it's back are tiny spines, invisible to the human eye, which c…

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