Important note: At this point this is only an idea, not a fully fledged plan, if anything were to happen it would be down to both the popularity and the willingness of the possible candidates.

The idea:

Recently the amount of monster hunter fanart has skyrocketed! People are scribbling away left, right at center.

So I thought it would be a kool idea to set up an art competition, to see who the community thinks is the best artist on the wiki.

How would the contest be set out?:The contest would be set out in rounds, in each round the candidates would be told what the challenge is to draw, this could range from monsters, armours, weapons etc. Pretty much to test the abilities of each artist, once all the artists have submitted their pics, then it is left to the community to vote. The person(s) with the lowest score would be out and therefore would not advance to the next round.

How would the pics be displayed?:The artists would post there pic up on their talk page, allowing me to place the pic on this blog page for the community to see. The community would then give each artists pic a rating out of 5.

What about me?: I would not partake in the competition because then it would just look like I set up this whole thing just to show off. As well as the voters voting, I too will vote with a rating out of 5.

Rules: These would apply to both the artists and the ones judging them:

  • No harsh words between the artists or the community.
  • The voters must be completely non-biased when making decisions.
  • No rude images may be uploaded.
  • Any anonymous votes will not be counted, you must be logged in to vote.
  • Artists aren't allowed to vote.
  • All Artists MUST sign their work with a signature in the top right of their picture,to prove that they were the ones who drew it.

Tell me what you think, if you like the idea then please spread the word, I wanna get as much support for this as possible.

Important: If you are interested please write a comment saying you are interested, just so I can get an idea of how many of you would like to partake in the competition!

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