Rajang, specifically Hardcore Rajang, would you class it as a Godmod? or would you let it slide just because it has the word "hardcore" in front of its name?

I know monster ideas belong on the fanon wiki, but just for the sake of argument: Say Rajang was never created by Capcom, right?

Now imagine this, some person posts on this wiki (pre-fanon wiki) or the fanon wiki an electrical minotaur like monster that goes super siyan in rage, and has the ability to create vast amounts of electrical energy that whilst may not be a one hit KO, could easily kill anyone caught in the vicinity of it, and these said electrical attacks are delivered swiftly and brutally along with a variety of OTT physical attacks as well. Would you pass this off as Godmod bullshit?

And for that matter, if someone makes a monster on the fanon wiki which is blantantly godmodded but they argue that it is a hardcore monster, what would you say to that?

I'm interested to know what you think.(That and the fact that I was exceedingly bored today)

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