Why: What can we say about Lavasioth? it looks like a fish with big ugly legs poking out the bottom, Plesioth was able to make this look good only because of his massive wings and dorsal fin, this is my second piscine to be revamped (check out my Plesioth, everyone seems to like it), so naturally to make it not seem like a total copy of the Plesioth, here is the all new Lavasioth.

note: the position in the picture is of it swimming in lava, not on dry land.

Lavasioth revamp

Its a fish.......IN LAVA (0.0)

Whats new:

  • If you look at the bottom right corner you will notice that it is in the Psuedowyvern stature, I chose this not to be a rip-off of the Frontier monster (can't remeber its name), but to make a point; lava is not a liquid, if anything was ever gonna swim in lava, it is gonna have to be pretty damn strong.
  • The idea I have for all piscines is that they get dehydrated its their gameplay element, in the Plesioths case, it goes from a 2 legged stance, to a tigrex like stance, on all 4. As the Lavasioth lives in lava the effect is reversed, it gets hydrated when this occurs it moves from a 4 legged stance to a leviathon like stance,dragging its belly across the floor most notably like the Hapurabokka. This is intended to add variety to the fight.
  • When it comes to living in lava the Lavasioth is not anything special, Agnaktor, Gravios, Uragaan all can move freely in lava, so the way my Lavasioth becomes different is that it is not a fire wyvern, but a steam wyvern, its breath attacks consist of firing pressurized steam at the hunter, much like the Kushala Daora, the steam comes in 2 parts, the center of the blast glows a faint orange and inflicts fire damage and fire blight, whilst the outside is black and can either send the hunter flying or cause wind press depending on how close the hunter is.
  • So what excuse do I have for it to be able to use steam? as lava is very thick its gonna take more than wagging its tail to be able to move, so you will notice along its back are these spines, these spines have holes in them that fires air out, to push it along in the lava, when fighting it can expell a great amount of steam out of its body like the Gravios does with its sleep gas, the lavasioth does this at the risk of getting hydrated quicker.
  • Its head and back spines can be broken, dorsal fins can be cut twice and be carved.

Hope you like, if you have any revamp ideas do tell me, plus check out my fan fiction, chibis and other revamps, you won't be dissapointed, remember HONEST OPINIONS ONLY!

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