This is my first show of my own custom hunters, this being custom armour and weapons:


  • Helmet: Eyes glow white, the design came from an Owl.
  • Chestplate: Designed to look very metallic and standard issue, but scratches and bandoliers suggest this hunter has been out in the field for quite a while.
  • Gauntlets: Slight homage to the Espinas design, complete with fully plated fingers- inspiration comes from the main characters gauntlet in Castlevania.
  • Tasset: Torn and well worn, bandoliers and satchels dotted all over it, again to show this guy has been hunting for a while.
  • Leggings: Standard issue like the chestplate, designed to cause some damage.
  • With this new armour set you may notice 3 steaks,1 with a flag, 1 with material tied on and 1 with a tooth strung on it. This new peice of armour is the Backpack: (Tell me if theres a more stylish name for it.) this armour piece requires more rare and farfetched materials to make, the amount of raw defence it gives is low but the wearer will gain certain special skills depending on what monster it is made of, TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK!


  • The weapon is of my own design, it is called the Assault Bowgun here's a description:
  • Twin barrels that fire one after the other gives a continuous rapid fire, you can see there are two bow strings, one for each barrel.
  • It is small and lightweight, this does mean it does very little damage, but the user can move quickly and move whilst firing, also due to its rapid fire, alot of damage can be done in a few seconds. Its small build does mean it can't fire the larger shells, such as Crag or Cluster.
  • The hunter is holding a Combat knife, this allows the hunter to perform a melee combo that, due to the bowguns small size, can be executed very quickly, when not in use the hunter has a sleeve to put the knife in.
  • As the bowguns can have attachments, the Assault Bowgun is no exception, The Zoom scope is self explanatory, The Launcher barrel is a way of firing the larger shells, but it takes time to load up and the recoil is tremendous, The Bayonet allows the combat knife to be fitted to the gun allowing moves from ranged attacks to melee attacks to be very fluent.

Hope you like, be sure to check out my other entries and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Assault hunter

I love the armour!

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