Why: The Yian Kut-Ku was the monster that everyone wanted back in MHP3, sadly it didn't return, so I thought to myself: what would I do if I had to reinvent the Kut-Ku, because the Qurupecco has already taken its place as the joke monster, so whilst this Kut-Ku is still a joke monster, its a little more......badass.

Wadd 002


  • Firstly, if you will look at the size comparison with the stickman, it is roughly the same size as before, but has been put in the "new" bird wyvern stance pioneered by the Qurupecco.(Soz about how unclear the size comparison pic is, camera flash)
  • In the old games the Kut-Ku was generally the first serious monster you fought (Sorry Velocidrome), but since it has been replaced by Qurpecco, I thought: what if it was the monster that prepared you for the big league monsters, this is what i mean:
  • It's large ears pioneer a new ability; Intimidate ,it is generally the same as a roar because it stops the hunter dead in their tracks, what happens is it faces the hunter and extends its ears out even more whilst rattling the head spines, this causes the hunter to back away slowly, this would last no more than 5 seconds. This ability prepares the hunters for roars only earplugs can negate.
  • Also due to its large ear size it is vulnerable to sonic bombs, but hitting it when the ears are normal size will only stun it for a second and it will instantly go into rage, if the ears are enlarged when it does its intimidation, it will be stunned for 10 seconds. This weakness prepares the hunter for advantages and precision.
  • It will still breathe fire, but in the style of the Qurupeccos acid spit, also its wing size means in cannot hover in place, but instead attacks the hunter with the large wing clubs, it does this in a similar style to the Qurupeccos explosions in that it will follow the hunter around whilst doing it, This attack prepares the hunter for shockwaves.
  • The tail is alot more spiny and filled with poison, it relies on its tail as a secondary weapon, like the Doborberukku (The Herbivore Brute Wyvern) but dos not use it quite as much. The use of the tail prepares the hunter to fight against an armoured opponent (As the tail is thickly armoured) And the poison prepared the hunter for status effects.
  • When low on stamina it will fall about comedically.
  • Its ears can be broken, both wing clubs can be broken, losng the shockwave ability and its tail can be broken and cut. The tail cutting prepares the hunter for getting all the possible rewards.

Hope you like and remembr HONEST OPINIONS ONLY!

p.s. No one requested it, it was a whim I got in the holidays and I was just itching to make it.

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