Why: The Popo's and indeed the Aptonoth's (actually pretty much every herbivore) should be extinct, the fact that they cannot defend themselves effectively, aswell as being hunted by such things as Fire breathing wyverns to Electric wolves.

The only reason why the Herbivores still remain is because they are a lot of them. In almost any environment
Popo 002
the Herbivores outnumber the predators at least 3 to 1 and in monster hunter this is no exception, the problem is nearly every herbivore is totally useless, with the rare exception (Doboruberruku, and you could say Bulldrome, but thats more annoying than dangerous). So I feel its high time the Herbivores fought back!

Colouration: Much like regular popo's it is generally brown with white highlights. the underside is a pale yellow, the tusks are bone coloured, and the whole monster is coated with a nice sheet of snow on its back (Snowy back not picrured)

Gameplay elements:

  • This is no simple loner, it is a herd leader and must therefor be prepared to defend it.
  • The monster has its own quests, in which you must slay or capture it, for the most part it will ignore you, that is unless you come too close to the herd, at which point it will do a blocker mode.
  • In blocker mode it won't attack, rather it will stand between you and the herd, its head lowered, constantly facing the hunter, if the hunter goes too close it will ram them, it is near impossible to attack this monster when it is in this mode, the only way to stop the monster from doing this is to back away, it will lose interest and return to the herd. At which point the hunter must act fast and strike quickly.
  • The monster appears in other monsters quests: Lets say you must slay a Barioth, you go into an area and the Popo's will be grazing with the Popodrome among them. If say you move to a different area and attack some other Popo's not being watched over by the drome, then one may call out and the Drome will charge in and attack the hunter. It provides a risk for the hunter and the Barioth.
  • Just because it may appear in other monsters quests, does not mean it is weak, it has approximately the same health as a Nargacuga and delivers devastating attacks.
  • As well as this it has ranged attacks as well, it can fire a large cloud of Icy smoke from its trunk, snowmanning the hunter.

Rage mode: For Herd leaders it is slightly different from the norm, the drome will try its best to keep a cool head, and will only go into rage if the hunter either kills a popo or hurts it enough to break away from the herd and go ballistic.

Attack Description How Often? Damage
Ram Lowers head and rams the hunter with its tusks, its feet stay firmly implanted in the floor When hunter is in front of it Low
Swing Swings tusks from one side to the other can do this a maximum of 5 times, moving forward with each swing. Sometimes Medium
Ground smash Stands on hind legs, slams feet down on the ground, causes large shockwave, 3 snowballs fly out Sometimes Medium
180 degree swing Swings whole body round, waving its tusks 180 degrees sideways. Sometimes Medium
180 degree tail brush Raises tail in the air, swings tail around 180 degrees, body turns slightly When by its side or behind it. Low
Tusk flick Runs and stabs tusks underground beneath the hunter and flicks the hunter upwards. sometimes High
Snow flick Runs and stabs tusks deeper into the ground, flicks head and many ice chunks fly out. rarely Very High
Charge Lowers head and charges the hunter, at the end it will either: digs it feet into the floor and slide forward to a hault, or if the hunter is to the side of it, it will flick the hunter if it can. It can charge 3 times in a row. sometimes High
lunge Charges and then jumps, when it lands it will slide across the floor on its legs and turn to face the hunter rarely Very high
Ice blow Moves head back then throws it forward, large amount of icy smoke comes out, covers very wide area. It can turn its head during the attack. sometimes Medium
Territorial roar Only does this when it is weak, strands on hind legs and trumpets, all Popo from acoss the map will converge on the area and will charge the hunter, slowly but surely. When weak Low, (Popo attacks more annoying than devastating)
Side slam Slams the hunter with the side of its body Only in rage Very high
Extreme charge Stabs tusks into the ground, drags right foot across floor, shaking its head, it charges at surprising speed, ice flying sideways from its tusks, it can turn and charge 3 times Only in rage Very very high
Retreat roar Trumpets, Popos leave area, with Drome constantly between the hunter and them. rarely No damage

Tusks can be broken twice, tail can be cut, back can be broken.

Hope you like!

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