English Name:N/A {{{english name}}}
Nicknames: Froggy
Titles:N/A Grazing wyvern
Romaji: What?
More Info
{{{descimage}}} A normally docile Herbivore, its advanced sense of smell allows to pick out the best food, and also intruders, if it was forced to become soleley dependent on its sense of smell, then it is a forced to be reckoned with.
Species: Fanged Wyvern
Element/Ailments: Water
Weakest to: Ice
Habitats: Flooded Forest, Misty Peaks
Size: Large
Other monsters in Relation: Zinogre, Netsuga
Even More Info
First US Appearance: Never
First JP Appearance: Never
Last Appearance: Can't end it it hasn't started
Generation: Mine
Japanese Name: Kaeruookami
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Korean Name: {{{korean name}}}

If Zinogre is the wolf and Netsuga is the Lion, then this badass is the Frog!



Why: With most monster species you expect there to be more than 2 for each, and of these groups there is at least one that isn't necassarily meant to be taken seriously, Wyverns got the Qurupecco, Leviathans had the Gobul, Elder Dragons had the Chameleos, and brute wyverns had the um.........uhhhhh.......hmmmm, brute wyverns are a pretty serious bunch arent they. Either way here is the Funny Fanged Wyvern

Colouration: Dark Green head plates, bluish green body , Yellow underside dotted with brown spots and smears, Tail fins are a dark browny red, eyes are a bright red ith black pupils, all weeds hanging off its body are greeny yellow, Eyebrow and coral head growths are pinky green.

Fighting strategy IMPORTANT: What I mean by fighting strategy is that what the monster does during a fight, don't worry it will al become clear;

This monster is very docile, usually hanging around the swamps and mountain streams, it eats plants among the other herbivores, when it spots a hunter it will ignore it, until the hunter actually attacks it, and this point it will fight from a defensive stance, if the hunte runs at it, it will hop to the side and prepare a counter, most of its attacks are slow and the only real speed comes from its back legs, during the fight it will not go into rage mode at all, nor will it open its mouth. The head can be broken 3 times, first the weeds hanging off it, then the plates and then finally the eyes, you quite literally cut both of its eyes out, at this point its highly developed sense of smell will come into effect, as you can see it has 10 nasal passages, 5 on each side, at this point it will go into an infinite rage mode, it will open its mouth and bare its razor sharp fangs (The fangs are used to strip bark and slice up the tuffer weeds) now most people would think that this monster will probably have a tongue like Chameleos an Rangurotora, but in actual fact, its tongue is spiked and causes quake damage as it slams it to the floor, but due to its sense of smell it is vulnerable to dung bombs, they have the same effect as a flash bomb. The monster uses projectile mucus and causes a status effect called slime, that works in the same way as snowman, it also can swing the hanging weeds around and cause waterblight with them.

Breakable parts:

  • Head weeds: Majority are missing.
  • Head plates: Deep lacerations.

Eyes: Completely gone, infinite rage mode.

  • Arm weeds: Majority are missing.
  • Back coral display: Deep lacerations and broken parts.
  • Tail: Holes ripped in it.

This monsters attacks are based on precision, it stays far away from the hunter and delivers a wide range of ranged attacks, the bowgunner of monsters so to speak. Attacks with an R on the end of them can only be used when the monster is enraged.

Attack Description How Often? Damage
Bite(R) Moves head back slightly then moves whole body forward and bites. When hunter is in front of it Medium
Sideways hop, (left or right) Lowers head and hops to either side of the hunter Alot None
Backward/ Forward hop Lowers head and hops backwards or forwards Alot None
Side slam Turns right side of body to face hunter and side slams forward Sometimes Medium
Double side slam(R) Does a normal side slam but follows up with another, the second one covers alot more ground Sometimes High
Tail whip Swings tail from side to side When hunter is behind it Low
Inflation Inflates whole neck, stands on its hind legs and slams its whole body on the floor, causes wide quake damage Rarely High
Forward hop barge Croaks, lowers head, does a forward hop but barges forward with its shoulder sometimes Medium
Tongue slam(R) Opens mouth, lifts tongue in the air and slams it down, quake damage, very accurate sometimes, when hunter is infront of it. High
Tongue swing to tongue slam (R) Opens mouth, turns head to the side and swings its tongue across, can do this a maximum of 3 times, taking a step forward with each swing, then slams tongue on teh floor, quake damage. sometimes High
Tongue jab (R) Croaks, opens mouth and jabs out with its tongue. sometimes Medium
Body pause(R) Stands still, sniffs air, if hunter moves instant tongue jab, does not miss, instant KO, sniffing last 10 seconds, before fight returns to normal Rarely Instant KO
Ramage(R) Roars, runs towards hunter with tongue slamming from left to right by its body, if hunter dodges, tongue slam, followed by another, if hunter dodges, second tongu slam pulls chunk of earth up and throws it at hunter, only way to dodge is by invincibility dive Rarely

Charge Low, Tongue slams Medium, Earth throw High

Mucus launch Croaks, launches mucus from its10 nasal passages either in on big blast that does splash damage, or as 10 individual blasts, causes slime effect. Often Medium

What would stop the hunter from simply not attacking the head, by not cutting out the eyes, the monster wouldnt go into rage mode, but all weapons and armour of this monster at least requires one eye from it, and the only way one can obtain this eye is by cutting them out and picking up the shiny.

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