Hello, and welcome to Discussion of the Week... Arenas!

Greetings, and many great hellos!

We all remember the stunning locales that the world of Monster Hunter has to offer us - nature is quite beautiful, after all! But why should we ignore the hard efforts put in by civilization to give us awesome monster-slaying arena fights whenever we want them? That's right, this DotW is all about Arenas!

Great Arena


The original! Ah yes, all those arena hunts in MHFU were really fun. And then I decided to try that Nekoht dual Rajang quest... I have scars, my friends. Deep ones.

Land Arena


Oh, the memories of slaying Qurupecoes and Rathians with my friend on MH3! This arena was featured in the entirety of the 3rd generation, and it is by far my favorite arena of all. Why, might you ask?

THE MUSIC! Listen to it and groove!

Water Arena


So far, the only (entirely) submerged arena in the series, and it shares the same basic layout and music as its terrestrial counterpart. What's the point of having an arena battle with an aquatic monster when there's no aqua in sight?

Arena (MH4)

MH4-Arena Screenshot 001

Cool concept, I suppose. The wall is awesome and really helps, I imagine, in those dual monster-hunting quests, which are always so much harder in an arena than on a regular map. I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say that I can't wait to visit this place when MH4U comes out.

3D Arena

MH4-3D Arena Screenshot 001

Another winner from MH4/4U. This arena was created for the purposes of fighting Kecha Wacha and Nerscylla, and I imagine we'll see Congalala and Emerald Congalala in here now that they've gotten that new G-Rank move.

Competition/Moat Arena

New Arena Area 2 MHFO

These two are essentially the same arena, but with minor differences. The Competition Arena has Ballistae, while the Moat Arena features a ceiling so you can fight the Ceanataurs and Khezu. Any arena where you can fight Plesioth is a star in my book, and you can do that in both, so... thumbs-up.

Arena (MHOL)

This place looks seriously badass. The dark, foreboding atmosphere and high stone walls... the only thing that's missing is a Fatalis-esque monster wrecking the place.


  • Which is your favorite of the arenas?
    • Least favorite?
  • All arenas have great music to go along with them, but which has the best?
  • What would you like to see in arenas of future games?

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