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  • Corran18

    Here is my entry for round two Winnie the Aoashira. Enjoy!

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  • Corran18

    MH Art competiton

    May 13, 2011 by Corran18

    A newly discovered class of monsters have been discovered in the flooded forest, the monsters

    resemblence to snakes have earned the name "serpentine leviathans". The one of the most prominent of these monsters is the Bobimbre. At 46 meters long the Bobimbre is a predator to rival a Lagiacrus. It can spit a stream of poison that can instantly kill a Ludroth. Its camoflauged scales make it almost invisible untill it is right on top of its prey.Although it is primarily terrestrial it is more than capable of fighting in the water because of its finned tail and muscular body.

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