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My new Sleep Bomb Set

This will give Tiny Recoil with no deviation.

Barrel- Jhen Cannon or Aquamatic "Needler" - Fate Jewel
Frame-- Blizzard Cannon
Stock-- Rathling Gun - Disabler Jewel+

Jaggi Mask
Uragaan Vest+ ----------- Disabler Jewel
Gigginox Guards+ -------- Flinchfree Jewel
Rhenoplos Coat+---------- Disabler Jewel+
Gigginox Leggings+-------- Destiny Jewel

Talisman +6 bomb boost

This yields:
Great Luck
Status Atk Up
Recoil Down +1

and anything else that might be on the talisman.(mine has 10 oxygen... blah)

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