Excellent, first blog entry.

Well, my PSP is kinda screwy, it seems to constantly wierd out and, by no intentional input from me, go to the grey 'You sure you want to quite the game?' screen. It really, REALLY pisses me off, SO. I bodged it up with Blu-Tac, it seems to be going well, although it did start to relapse when I tried to see how I did against the HR6 Akantor Urgent, Rise to the Summit (or something). I think I did quite well, what for being on my own and having only ever seen it once before, when I went with nothing but Cool Drinks, just for the lulz. (I managed to knock it over three times, break both its front claws AND piss it off innumerable times, I have no frame of reference, is that any good for being alone?)

I thought I did quite well then too.

Another bout of good news.

The urgent BEFORE the Akantor one, the Shen Gaoren in the Town, pwned it's huge crabby ass all on my lonesome, AWOOHOO, Fire Dragonsword is epic pwnage. Although I want the Blue one after Fire... But I can't get it till I scrounge up some Lunastra & Ash LSL mats, I hate Lunastra... Damn blue thing...

ANYWAY. That's my blog for the millenia, enjoy your lives.

Regards. Me.

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