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  • Chet913

    yesterday mh3 came out and i was so excited and i have it reserved but only payed like half of it. yesterday i couldnt get it till today because well mom: "i dont have any money" so i patiently waited till today and today now that there is money we go to gamestop to get the game well my retard brother pre ordered it at a different gamestop so "oh its a waste of money to get it here if we dont get it there they wont give us our money back for cancelling the pre order. the other gamestop is like 5 minutes away and oh we cant go today we will go tomorrow. I AM SO SERIOUSLY PISSED RIGHT NOW. anyways i would just like to tell everyone my story and update you tomorrow when i end up not getting it for some dumbass reason.

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  • Chet913

    is this true about mh3?

    April 2, 2010 by Chet913

    my friend told me that in mh3 you could not get switch axe till a while into the game i really hope not because it is my favorite weapon from the demo by far i always use hammer in unite but switch axe is alot better anyway just asking.

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  • Chet913

    when i sent my wii into nintendo to get repaired it was suppose to come back like 2 or 3 days after the demo for 3 come out but since im the most unlucky person on the planet it arrives with no wires so now i have to wait till friday for my wires to get here and this time its not shipping from new york its shipping from washington WHY ME?

    Luckly i got to try the switch axe at my friends house and my hammer which i love ( they made the hammer better i dont know how ) anyway i just wanted to let everyone no for no reason that i am very bored and i just felt like killing a minute typing this i want to go to sleep so it will be only 2 days away but im not tired so i guess i will just idk beat up my dog or something and that was in no way sexual…

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  • Chet913

    i beat the uklanos but wait now what do i do?

    get all the g weapons i just made like 10 weapons when i came back from the quest. i guess i get a life and then completely loose it when 3 comes out also the demo is tomorrow so that will help my soul deal with the fact that i am bored oh wait my ******* wii is broken so i wont get it back from nintendo for a week WAAH so i guess ill do nothing fencing is over i beat every game on my ps3 and tennis hasnt started yet so anyone got fun things to try in mhfu while i wait for demo lol

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