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  • Chandler8

    Caption Contest 19

    March 31, 2014 by Chandler8

    Picture A:

    Duramboros: (Squinting at Hunter) They just don't make Duramboros like they used to…


    Picture B:

    "Hold on, there's a bug in your eye! Let me just......"


    Picture C:

    "That's a spicy meatball!"


    Picture D:

    Hunter: Now where is that Rathian I just fed laxatives to.

    Rathian: Uh....I...I'm about to unleash the beast...*poops*


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  • Chandler8

    Caption Contest 18

    March 26, 2014 by Chandler8

    Hunter- I'm super distracted right now and it would suck if a monster came along -DeviljhoKiller-

    Gia: Oh no! He's doing the upside down hammer super move! I'd better run! -HellWolf-

    Tetsu- Feel the power of my happy face! -DeviljhoKiller-

    "Go home Deviljho. You're drunk." -PerhapsTheOtherOne-

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