The great sword users are a dying breed. I use great sword myself and, between hr 1 and 37, have seen 1 other great sword user. Hammers, switch axes and long swords seem to be the way of the future. Even Bowguns, a very specialist weapon, seem to be more populer than great swords. This is, in my opinion, is a tragedy. Great swords have one of the best metagames, with headlocking, OHFs (one hit flinches) and amazing range.They, after lances, are the best against airial and submarine monsters, accounting for a large amount of tri's monsters. They have one of the biggest varieties of weaponry, have a gaurd, good evasion: whats not to like?

So please, if your still considering what weapon discipline to choose, choose great sword and give me a message. Thankyou.

Cerberus24 18:13, September 3, 2010 (UTC)

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