Hello to all two of you who are reading this. I just want to share an amazing armor set I made. It is perfect for Mining in the valcano. It gives you Gathering +2, High Speed Gathering, Heat Cancel Lo, and Backpacking Expert. You need High Rank parts though. All you need is

  • Cephalos Helm S
  • Leather Armor S
  • Leather Vambraces S
  • Cephalos Tasset S
  • Green Pants S
  • A weapon with 2 open slots.

You also need to jem in some of the skills, you need 3 Gathering Jewel and 2 CoolBreeze Jewel. Once you have all that you can go and gather easly. The only gathering skill I am missing is Whim, and I am trying new combos to get it so more on that to come. CeanataurMan 16:44, December 9, 2010 (UTC)

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