• Ceadeus 2010

    monster riding

    January 9, 2011 by Ceadeus 2010

    if i could change one thing on monster hunter tri it would b the ability to befriend and ride monsters heres my plan

    aquiring a mount: to aquire a mount you would have to capture a monster several times(so no elder dragons)then feed it every day until it starts to like you or get a wyvern egg hatch it, raise it then ride it

    armour: armouring your monster would be just like you armor your self get the blacksmith to forge the armour with the materials you gathered armour would not be made out of monster parts it would be made out of bone, machalite, dragonite, ice crystals ect.

    training: to train your monster you would fight it the higher level it is the more powerful and big it is which also makes it harder to fight.

    please comment.

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  • Ceadeus 2010

    things i would change

    January 9, 2011 by Ceadeus 2010

    if i could change five things in monster hunter tri they would be

    1. change the areas into one huge area because im sick of the loading screen every time you go to the next area and it would be way funner to discover jaggi/baggi nests and caves with gigginox in them and search for monsters you have to kill.

    2. set up the camp wherever you want and have guards to fend off any monsters that try to raid your camp.

    3. when you take a quest you should be able to kill the monster when you want to no time limits just keep doing what you want for example you might be hunting rathalos and you have the quest to kill a rathian then a rathian comes when your fighting los then you realise you have a quest for rathian so you kill the rathian go back to you…

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