First of all some of these are just kinda ideas that came in mind when drawing.

Phial Blade: A large hand half sword (Not to be confused with Ukanlos subspecies or Master cedeaus' blastedge) that can unleash devistating attacks by using certian phials. like the bow the weapon, it has its own elemental attacks and can use certian phials for special attacks. The phials can be bought or combined and there are 5 phials in which called, power phial, sharpness phial, elemental phial, blast phial, and last of all the exghuast phial. Also like the switch axe its phial slowly empties after every single attack. Luckily you can detach the phial going back to your basic elemental or non elemental attacks. The phials are like ammo. You can run out if you use all of the phials. These weapons sadly can't block, but can do quick combos and are about as strong and fast as the longsword. Just for anyone confused with the new phial it increases your sharpness up a level, and also decreases the speed of your sharpness decreasing.

Switch Bow: Yes a bow that can switch form from dual blades to yes a bow. nothing too special about this one. :/

Sheild Blades: Yes that is correct fellow hunters two sheilds with equally retractable blades that is the slower, blocking, stronger version of dual blades.

Bayonet: yea may it be with a sheild or not it is a good melee and gunner weapon. Quite obvious a bayonet is a weapon used by the Brittish soldiers that had a knife/blade at the tip. But in monster hunter it can't be removed.

Bladed Pistol: these are two dual pistols that can both attack melee and gunner giving good combos of firing then slashing with a roundhouse and firing a blast of multiple bullets.

Charge Pole: A large blunt pole that can extend its four base structures of the pole releasing sharp blades, and like the charge axe after enough attacks you can charge up and cuase explosions.

Peirce Bow: This is a combonation of the lance and a bow. It can do stabbing and slashing attacks as well as fire arrows or some may say bolts. This is slightly different from the Bayonet in the fact it is more bow like than gun like.

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