I tried alot trying to defeat the dang Giggi and I finnally defeated the dang blood sucker after 49 minutes 32 seconds. I fought Baleful Giggi and dang, he was easier, but seemed to have a lot of health. I haven't killed it yet becuase a Deviljho appeared right at the Beginning of the quest. I got him down to limping in 35 minutes and had to get off. I soon realized that I played the game wrong. I upgrade my armor to full defense, but never upgrade my weapons. I also never use gems. Long sword and switch axe are probably my best at fighting with, and so is my pink rath bowgun, which realy helped me with Gigginox after my first defeat with my un upgraded Dios Katana. Its not just Giggi, but I feel like even for soloing mh3u G rank, I don't play it out correctly.

What would you recomend for me to do? (Mostly with Gigginox and the quest Shock on Tundra)

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