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  • Cbachura

    This might sound weird but I have recently got the bow and started using coatings. I never really used status coatings becuase I was never sure if they did more damage, normal damage, less damage, or none at all. Does anyone know if they still do damage, or does it remove damage for a status effect. Thanks :)

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  • Cbachura

    G rank questions

    July 20, 2014 by Cbachura

    I tried alot trying to defeat the dang Giggi and I finnally defeated the dang blood sucker after 49 minutes 32 seconds. I fought Baleful Giggi and dang, he was easier, but seemed to have a lot of health. I haven't killed it yet becuase a Deviljho appeared right at the Beginning of the quest. I got him down to limping in 35 minutes and had to get off. I soon realized that I played the game wrong. I upgrade my armor to full defense, but never upgrade my weapons. I also never use gems. Long sword and switch axe are probably my best at fighting with, and so is my pink rath bowgun, which realy helped me with Gigginox after my first defeat with my un upgraded Dios Katana. Its not just Giggi, but I feel like even for soloing mh3u G rank, I don't …

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  • Cbachura

    Mh4u new info

    July 11, 2014 by Cbachura

    In the trailer Black Diablos, Plum Diamyo Hermituar, and Hermituar have returned in mh4u.

    In the trailer Dundroma town is an returning town.

    Steve shares a relation with bats and birds.

    Steve has the ability to fling spikes and can fling them at enemies.

    Steve will migrate to different areas.

    Many desert monsters are found else where in mh4u, unlike many monster hunter games.

    Hermituars can now be found away from cool areas or areas with water in the desert, unlike mhfu.

    There might be a new weapon, the poleaxe or pole arm either one, and may be only used by the town guards of Dundroma.

    Steve might inflict a new status as in the trailer a hunter in zinogre armor was taking damage when trying to move after getting hit by the spikes, giving off a ef…

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  • Cbachura

    New Weapon Ideas

    July 4, 2014 by Cbachura

    First of all some of these are just kinda ideas that came in mind when drawing.

    Phial Blade: A large hand half sword (Not to be confused with Ukanlos subspecies or Master cedeaus' blastedge) that can unleash devistating attacks by using certian phials. like the bow the weapon, it has its own elemental attacks and can use certian phials for special attacks. The phials can be bought or combined and there are 5 phials in which called, power phial, sharpness phial, elemental phial, blast phial, and last of all the exghuast phial. Also like the switch axe its phial slowly empties after every single attack. Luckily you can detach the phial going back to your basic elemental or non elemental attacks. The phials are like ammo. You can run out if yo…

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