• Cazorb

    Hey guys, Lately I've ben wondering what could be the chronological order of the games in the Monster Hunter series, so I've invented my theory of the order. I'm unfortunately not using a world map of the series. Im using as reference the monsters appearing in game and the terraformation of the areas.

    As always, This is my theory, Don't blame and come up with other ideas to post them too.

    I used in this timeline the chronological order of 5 Games: MHFU, MHP3rd, MH3, MH3U, and MH4.

    1st MH4 

    At the beginning, a civilization rose in Plains and other places, using the both art of fighting and flying, the warriors of this people hunted monsters. This civilization constructed many towns but was defeated by Giant Beasts, Ukanlos the Avalanche God and…

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