First of all, I dunno if this helps you in Tri or Frontier, but i hope it does......

There are three methods on how to get them EASILY. Here they are:

1st, Fishing

2nd, Egg Carrying

and 3rd, Training.

For Fishing:

you'll need:

  • 20 Snakebee Larvae
  • 20 Fireflies
  • 5 Goldenfish Baits
  • 10 Mega Fishing Baits
  • Book of combos 1-3
  • And any bait you wish to bring

///What to do///

Get the quest "Gathering: Forest and Hills".

When the quest starts, go to the fishing pond and look for some goldenfish. NOTE: Goldenfish are the fish that were yellow in color. If there are none, re-enter your base camp. Look again. If there are already goldenfish, grab your GOLDENFISH BAIT. goldenfish baits are baits made especially for goldenfish. no one will bite except for goldenfish, so don't worry on other fish. they won't bite. Rinse and repeat. NOTE!!!! Only 10 goldenfish can fit on your inventory. If you have 10 goldenfish, put it in the delivery box(the red box). And repeat till you're out of baits.


Speartuna is the BIGGEST fish you will see in that pond. They cost a thousand, so it's up to you if you'll sell them for money, or keep them for making a weapon.... A VERY HIGH Ice attributed(around 700+ i think?) and a sharp weapon(white sharpness), Crystalized tuna(NOTE: First will be the Frozen tuna, then crystalized tuna)...

///How much a goldenfish is///

It costs 500 money and Pokke Points.

For Egg Carrying:

Go to the training school, and select beginner train. Then, select the quest combining items.

Once the quest starts, Grab a ration and consume them, get an herb in area 1(the flower) and get a blue mushroom in area 3, and.... WAIT!!!! DO NOT COMBINE THE ITEMS YET!!!!! Kill the Giaprey, and gather on the nest. It should give you a Carnivore Egg..... UNLIMITED CARNIVORE EGGS!!! And you should be heading to: From area 3--> Area 5--> Area 3--> Area 2--> Area 1--> Base Camp...

///How to get down in Area 2///

It's pretty simple. try to press down button to see what's below. BE CAREFUL!!! DO NOT TRY TO RUN!!! Fall on the cliff, then the other, then the other, and...... you're down!!!

For Training:

Uh..... do you REALLY have to ask this? I'll tell you: The easier the monster, the less Money and Pokke points recieved...

Choose the monster you like to slay, then the weapon you liked in slaying it, and complete the quest.

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