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A little help please

Carinodren November 1, 2010 User blog:Carinodren

You knew about the upcoming MHP3rd, right? And a friend of mine(you knew who you are) gave me the demo, and it doesn't seem to work on my PSP. Wonder why =/

When I try to play it, it says:

"The game could not be started(80010087)"

Now what does it mean?

I just did the same procedure on what my friend told me.......or have i followed it correctly?

Here's what i did:

  1. He let me download "Media Go" first
  2. He gave his account and password
  3. I connected my PSP to the laptop
  4. I opened Media Go and "dragged" the MHP3rd to the games icon
  5. and.....done

I tried to play it, and it said it cant be started.........

If I have done the wrong procedure please tell me. And what is/are the thing/s that I need/lack. Thanks.........

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