• Carinodren

    I can't believe myself when i completed "the final invitation" quest(MHF2), and "the legend of schrade"(MHF2) quest...... man, I tried it for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on, I JUST CAN'T COMPLETE THESE DAMNED QUESTS.....

    I hope i get better on these quests...

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  • Carinodren


    January 25, 2011 by Carinodren

    Which is better for pwning the rajang......

    in MHF2?

    Abominable bow, or Akantor bow?

    in MHFU?

    same weapons......

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  • Carinodren

    YT stands for youtube ok?

    For me, I owe YT everything........ Maybe, till this time, I AM stuck ON A YIAN KUT- KU, or Tigrex.

    Now, how much you owe YT?

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  • Carinodren

    A little help please

    November 1, 2010 by Carinodren

    You knew about the upcoming MHP3rd, right? And a friend of mine(you knew who you are) gave me the demo, and it doesn't seem to work on my PSP. Wonder why =/

    When I try to play it, it says:

    "The game could not be started(80010087)"

    Now what does it mean?

    I just did the same procedure on what my friend told me.......or have i followed it correctly?

    Here's what i did:

    1. He let me download "Media Go" first
    2. He gave his account and password
    3. I connected my PSP to the laptop
    4. I opened Media Go and "dragged" the MHP3rd to the games icon
    5. and.....done

    I tried to play it, and it said it cant be started.........

    If I have done the wrong procedure please tell me. And what is/are the thing/s that I need/lack. Thanks.........

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  • Carinodren

    As the title say........

    And please tell the info of the quest(time limit, special conditions, what to slay, etc.) Click the link if you want to see my own creation of quests.

    !!!NOTE!!! this is just for fun, alright?

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