Hello and welcome!!!

I made this blog to help you and me better understand both the Monster Hunter series and possibly this wiki if

others are be willing to help and inform.

Here are a few ideas to help you on this page. They may be simple, but I feel like a couple of us out there

are wondering too.

  • where can I get ( insert body part/plant/ore here ) ?
  • Could you lead me to a specific page please? I REAALY need to know the stats on this weopon/monster.
  • Ive been trying SOOOO hard to level up to the next HR. Can you tell me how I can level up?(EXPLAIN your situation and tell us what quests you have completed so far. The games name would be nice.)

I already know that all this information can be found on the this wiki (really what can't you find on wiki these days)

but for some of us, we like to get a confirmation from other players who have done it themselves.

Plus I JUST started here and id'e really like to get intergrated more into this particular wiki. It's awsome here.

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