aka 2nd verse same as the first!

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  • Canti-GodOFtheBLACKflame

    Hello and welcome!!!

    I made this blog to help you and me better understand both the Monster Hunter series and possibly this wiki if

    others are be willing to help and inform.

    Here are a few ideas to help you on this page. They may be simple, but I feel like a couple of us out there

    are wondering too.

    • where can I get ( insert body part/plant/ore here ) ?
    • Could you lead me to a specific page please? I REAALY need to know the stats on this weopon/monster.
    • Ive been trying SOOOO hard to level up to the next HR. Can you tell me how I can level up?(EXPLAIN your situation and tell us what quests you have completed so far. The games name would be nice.)

    I already know that all this information can be found on the this wiki (really what can't you find on wiki …

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