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Item Stats/Scales (ongoing)

CJwat11 March 25, 2016 User blog:CJwat11

Note: This is strictly for MH4U!

General Restorative Items

Herb: Restores 10 Health

Potion/First Aid Med: Restores 25 Health

Mega Potion/First Aid Med+: Restores 50 Health

Max Potion: Restores all Health and raises Max Health to 150

Ancient Potion: Restores all Health, raises Max Health to 150, and Max Stamina to 150

Rare Steak/Ration/Energy Drink: Increases Max Stamina by 25

Well Done Steak: Increases Max Stamina by 50

Nutrients: Increases Max Health by 10

Mega Nutrients: Increases Max Health by 20

Antidote: Cures Poison

Herbal Medicine: Restores 10 Health and Cures Poison

Nulberry: Removes a general selection of debuffs, can reduce the Frenzy Virus meter by up to 50%.

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