As you have may noticed this is probably the greatest time for monster hunter in history.I mean, MH3U,MHFOG and MH4.Awesome BUT how much new monsters do we have.Okay MH3U is the same with MH3G But the others.Those are the ones i have noticed:

MHFOG:(Check the vido on the Monster Hunter Frontier G Discussion page)

1)New (Sorry but i have no idea how that thing at 0:16 of the mhfog trailer is named on english.Imma Greek) pelagus monster

2)(At 0:23)I think that this is a whale killer like monster

3)The desert pseudo wyvern like monster

4)(At 0:28) is that a new red monster?

5)(At 0:30) whose tail is that?The leviathan's?

6)At (0:32) New element,new monster who knows.It reminds me Final Fantasy

7)(At 0:33) Thanks to Artemis Paradox i saw the hairy Akantor too.(If that's the monster that you ment)


9)(At 0:39)Hypnocatrice (3rd) subspecies

10)(At 0:40)Abiorugu subspecies or just the normal species?

11)(At 0:42)I am pretty sure ther is a dyuragaua subspecies

12)(At 0:48)The new leviathan (japaneses are getting crazy)

Ok maybe the tail at 0:30 is the leviathan's tail ans there may be not new red monster,hairy akantor,dyuragaua subspecies or abiorugu subspecies

MH4:(Check the video on the Monster Hunter 4 page)

1)Kechawatcha and Gore Magala.(I have NO idea what's up with that line under the letters)

2)(At 0:46) if u focus a lot you will see a tiny Jhen Mohran new subspecies

3)(At 1:19) new spider like monster

4)[At 1:20 (What a pretty face)]a new red brute wyvern

Those are all i have noticed


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