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  • I live in Greece/Hellas,Athens,Acharne/Menidi
  • I was born on November 26
  • I am male
  • BrainmasterIII


    September 23, 2012 by BrainmasterIII

    As you have may noticed this is probably the greatest time for monster hunter in history.I mean, MH3U,MHFOG and MH4.Awesome BUT how much new monsters do we have.Okay MH3U is the same with MH3G But the others.Those are the ones i have noticed:

    MHFOG:(Check the vido on the Monster Hunter Frontier G Discussion page)

    1)New (Sorry but i have no idea how that thing at 0:16 of the mhfog trailer is named on english.Imma Greek) pelagus monster

    2)(At 0:23)I think that this is a whale killer like monster

    3)The desert pseudo wyvern like monster

    4)(At 0:28) is that a new red monster?

    5)(At 0:30) whose tail is that?The leviathan's?

    6)At (0:32) New element,new monster who knows.It reminds me Final Fantasy

    7)(At 0:33) Thanks to Artemis Paradox i saw the hairy Akant…

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  • BrainmasterIII

    MHP3rd wtf

    July 24, 2012 by BrainmasterIII

    guys can anybody help me create a ps vita acount in Japanese,to put in 31,51 euros (2990 yens) to download MHP3rd (31,51 euros?dude wtf.Unite costs only 10 euros)

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  • BrainmasterIII


    April 21, 2012 by BrainmasterIII

    Is there anybody from greece.I want to find someone to communicate and play (Monster Hunter Freedom Unite)

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  • BrainmasterIII

    Hello elite Hr9 hunters.I want u to tell me which armor,decoration and weapon should I take in this mission.I also want to tell me about the comrade.What level and type should he be,how much his attack and defense should be and what skills should he know.Many thanks brainmasterII

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