• Bradyl888

    The story of nibui

    January 31, 2011 by Bradyl888

    Main Character/Apprentice: Nibui Ranboto (doesn’t introduce himself in the beginning so I tell you now it’s from his point of view)

    Master Hunter/Teacher: Masuta Kusuburu (to come later on)

    Chapter 1: The Deep Sleep

    I’m waiting for the large hot air balloon to land in my destination, I am going on my first quest and in my mind I’m going through over and over making sure that I’ve got all the items I need to survive the Giaprey I’m about to fight. My Bone Long sword strapped to my back waiting and knowing that I’m about to become a hunter. I am the first and last of my family, the hot air balloon is finally landing, touching down onto the chill inducing snowy mountains. I’ve heard that even on the easiest of quests many have died from frostbit…

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