I know every single Person who first started playing there first Monster hunter game had it somewhat rough. maybe not but we can all agree that victory and failure on there first attempt is the point of weather you keep on fighting and you Throw your controller or psp on the Ground in a fit of rage never to play the game again. But if your on the wiki you had your First time of glory your earning victory that would leave a sweet feeling in your monster hunter gaming for ever. I want to who what was your time to shine for the first time? how good did it feel and do you feel you deserved that victory?

My first win was on the Yian kut ku in The original monster hunter. i swear i was bested by him atleast 6 times and i was on the Virge of giving up altogether but i rose up and figured out a way to beat that ultra chicken and i swear in my imagination i felt confetti fall on my character and it was so much fun. so tell me what was your first Moment glory?

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