Well with another monster hunter game release in japan [although its release was like 2 months ago] and no release date in sight we western Mh fans are left to wonder weather or not we will be seeing any of the games yet to see the western shores. there are many predictions on the future of monster hunter in general worldwide. weather its just small things like the in game changes we may see in future releases or the bigger problems of even going to be able to see these game changes first hand. Id like to hear some of your opinions and predictions for the future as monster hunter as a whole or even just small things like new monster classes, the themes of the new villages we may get to see in future games or even weapon classes.

and while were at it let me just ask something that's been bugging me personally, if there is an obvious answer for you please feel free to share harsh or not. do you believe its right for fans to wait for a release while some just import or dare i say get the iso or download it for free. [I don't condone illegally acquiring games but weather we like it or not its happening everyday and there playing it while some of us aren't..] do you think people getting the games in such a way makes it less possible for us to get a western release? do you think we are naive just waiting for something that may never come?

Id like to discuss some of these topics so please if u have anything in mind please share :D

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