i Don't know Why but with the Release of Ultimate i would have thought the wiki would have had a bit more buzz with its Excellent Online features. [Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong as I just don't feel it]

Honestly with the Chat features that don't require much and the feeling of People being more chatty in game it would be Nice if the wiki Organized some Get together's. [I know the wii had mic abilities, but frankly no one really used it from what i saw]

And i don't want to sound Like a Bratty 10 Year Old demanding friends Or help but it be a really cool thing to Hang out with some of the Many Faces of the wiki, be It admins or just random contributors. Like see their skills, Organize some competitions [I'm not saying with prizes but you know for fun wise.] Like Teams of Two In a lobby, Arena competitions, Chatty get togethers or Organized Hunts on a specific day. I mean We have Monster appreciation week right? why Not every Friday Or Saturday Organize some friendly Get Together's to Many Help some Newbie's out and Get them situated. Or even Just farm a monster To show How much we care about it. ;D And what about Making like an Official Wiki Leader boards? Like on the arena quests or by ranks and Ect? That would totally be a great way to get people more involved and play more.

Heck, We even have the Wikia channel right? That hasn't been used in ages! Maybe we could Get some New ecology's Up, Some Competition recordings to always remember the Good Times on Ultimate for Years to come. The possibilities are endless and Id love to help out in anyway to Get people more friendly Here and In the game itself. Help people get recognized for their skills, a specific Tactic or just Being a plain Nice/Funny guy who Likes to hunt~

Feel free to Post Your Opinion on the matter as I love to chat with anyone and Maybe organize some Friendly competitions or Get togethers to get people more involved in this game and wiki.

so Please tell me how you feel on the matter?

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