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  • Boltman31

    Bring It Together!

    May 5, 2013 by Boltman31

    i Don't know Why but with the Release of Ultimate i would have thought the wiki would have had a bit more buzz with its Excellent Online features. [Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong as I just don't feel it]

    Honestly with the Chat features that don't require much and the feeling of People being more chatty in game it would be Nice if the wiki Organized some Get together's. [I know the wii had mic abilities, but frankly no one really used it from what i saw]

    And i don't want to sound Like a Bratty 10 Year Old demanding friends Or help but it be a really cool thing to Hang out with some of the Many Faces of the wiki, be It admins or just random contributors. Like see their skills, Organize some competitions [I'm not saying with prizes but …

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  • Boltman31

    Well with another monster hunter game release in japan [although its release was like 2 months ago] and no release date in sight we western Mh fans are left to wonder weather or not we will be seeing any of the games yet to see the western shores. there are many predictions on the future of monster hunter in general worldwide. weather its just small things like the in game changes we may see in future releases or the bigger problems of even going to be able to see these game changes first hand. Id like to hear some of your opinions and predictions for the future as monster hunter as a whole or even just small things like new monster classes, the themes of the new villages we may get to see in future games or even weapon classes.

    and while w…

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  • Boltman31

    I know every single Person who first started playing there first Monster hunter game had it somewhat rough. maybe not but we can all agree that victory and failure on there first attempt is the point of weather you keep on fighting and you Throw your controller or psp on the Ground in a fit of rage never to play the game again. But if your on the wiki you had your First time of glory your earning victory that would leave a sweet feeling in your monster hunter gaming for ever. I want to who what was your time to shine for the first time? how good did it feel and do you feel you deserved that victory?

    My first win was on the Yian kut ku in The original monster hunter. i swear i was bested by him atleast 6 times and i was on the Virge of givin…

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  • Boltman31

    Fav Monster

    February 13, 2011 by Boltman31

    id made a video of my favorite monster and i was asking people to also make their own short videos of theirs and post it as a video response. il just ask it, tell me what your favorite monster and if you want feel free to make your own little video and post a response.

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  • Boltman31

    Quick question

    December 28, 2010 by Boltman31

    I know capcom doesn't likes to ship to us because its not as popular here but can some1 tell me, is it costing them more to translate it or make the copies and ship them?

    and if its the second answer why dont they just like translate limited copies and just sell them at a online store? I mean, i know that would mean Like only a few people would be able to buy it Because some people don't have credit cards and stuff but isent that better then Making a bunch of copies that's pretty much guna sit there until a fan finally realizes that the newest one came out, and they lose money rather then selling it to the fan base that really wants it?

    And be honest people tell me if its a bad idea and y cuz i want to know

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