It has been OFFICIALLY confirmed!

About every week, a scan/picture of the Famitsu magazine is leaked. This week shows what appears to be Monster Hunter Portable 3rd:

There is an event in Japan today (March 16) where a selected crowd will be able to play a demo of Monster Hunter Felyne Diary for the first time. It is expected that MHP3rd will be announced at the event later this evening. If not, the Famitsu magazine will be released on Thursday and more info will likely surface.

  • To be released at the end of 2010
  • Different than Monster Hunter Tri
  • No underwater battles
  • Setting in "Yukumo Village" (はユクモ村)
  • The mayor of this village is a woman
  • Design is based on a traditional Japanese look
  • Picture of the starter armor
  • A lot of returning monsters
  • some monsters from MHtri might make an appearance
  • Info on 3 new monster species
    • Zinogre (ジンオウガ): Thunder Wolf Wyvern
    • Gargwa (ガーヴア): Ostrich type?
    • Arzuros (アオアシラ): Armadillo/Bear type?
  • 12 different kinds of weapons
    • Great Sword - 大剣
    • Long Sword - 太刀
    • Hammer - ハンマー
    • Hunting Horn/Flute - 狩猟笛
    • Sword & Shield - 片手剣
    • Dual Swords - 双剣 (booo)
    • Lance - ランス
    • Gun Lance - ガンランス
    • Switch Axe - スラッシュアックス
    • Light Bowgun - ライトボウ
    • Heavy Bowgun - ヘヴィボウ
    • Bow - 弓
  • A new "Bathing/Spa Facility" feature to replace the Felyne Kitchen
  • New fields/environments: A mountain stream and some kind of dried up pond
  • A really large farm
  • You get two OtomoAiru (Felyne Comrade) this time, and you can customize their armor.

Any additional info about MHP3rd will be updated here: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd


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