Head Torso Arms Waist Leggings
Leather Headgear
Piscine Mask
Chainmail Headgear
Hunter's Helm
Hunter's Cap
Bone Helm
Bone Cap
Alloy Helm
Alloy Cap
Jaggi Helm
Jaggi Cap
Rhenoplos Helm
Rhenoplos Cap
Qurupeco Helm
Qurupeco Cap
Ludroth Helm
Ludroth Cap
Baggi Helm
Baggi Cap
Barroth Helm
Barroth Cap
Gobul Helm
Gobul Cap
Ranger's Headgear
Archer's Turban
Guild Bard Lobos
Guild Bard Hat
Scholar's BeretS
Scholar's Cap
Rathian Helm
Rathian Cap
Gigginox Helm
Ingot Helm
Ingot Cap
Lagiacrus Helm
Lagiacrus Cap
Rathalos Helm
Barioth Helm
Barioth Cap
Diablos Helm
Diablos Cap
Uragaan Helm
Uragaan Cap
Agnaktor Helm
Agnaktor Cap
Helios Helm
Helios Cap
Selene Helm
Selene Cap
Yamato Kabuto
Mutsu Eboshi
Hinata Hachigane
Amagi Hachigane
Piscine Mask+
Piscine Snorkel+
Dober Helm
Dober Cap
Vangis Helm
Vangis Cap
Damascus Helm
Damascus Cap
Yamato Kabuto+
Mutsu Eboshi+
Hinata Hachigane+
Amagi Hachigane
Escadora Wisdom
Escadora Sagesse
Chakra Earring
Skull Mask
Jaggi Mask
Wyvernking Eyepatch
Shadow Shade
Blast Earring
Pursuit Earring
Hawkeye Earring
Grace Earring
Sword Saint Earring
Barrage Earring
Draw Earring
Silence Earring
Jump Earring
Charge Earring
Sprint Earring
Demon Edge Earring
Voracious Earring
Kirin Earring
Stimulus Earring
Earring of Fate

Leather Vest
Chainmail Vest
Loc Lac Shawl
Hunter's Mai
Hunter's Vest
Bone Mail
Bone Vest
Alloy Mail
Alloy Vest
Jaggi Mail
Jaggi Vest
Bnahabra Suit
Bnahabra Vest
Rhenoplos Mail
Rhenoplos Vest
Qurupeco Mail
Qurupeco Vest
Ludroth Mail
Ludroth Vest
Steel Mail
Baggi Mail
Baggi Vest
Barroth Mail
Barroth Vest
Gobul Mail
Gobul Vest
Ranger's Girdle
Archer's Girdle
Guild Bard Bolero
Guild Bard Vest
Scholar's Blouse
Scholar's Vest
Rathian Mail
Rathian Vest
Gigginox Mail
Gigginox Vest
Ingot Mail
Ingot Vest
Lagiacrus Mail
Lagiacrus Vest
Rathalos Mail
Rathalos Vest
Barioth Mail
Barioth Vest
Diablos Mail
Diablos Vest
Uragaan Mail
Uragaan Vest
Agnaktor Mail
Agnaktor Vest
Helios Mail
Helios Vest
Selene Mail
Selene Vest
Yamato Muneate
Mutsu Muneate
Hinata Muneate
Amagi Muneate
Leather Mail+
Leather Vest+
Loc Lac Shawl+
Loc Lac Vest+
Dober Mail
Dober Vest
Vangis Mail
Vangis Vest
Damascus Mail
Damascus Vest
Escadora Soul
Escadora Seele
Chakra Necklace
HellHunter Jacket
HellHunter Leather
SoulHunter Jacket
SoulHunter Leather

Leather Gloves
Chainmail Gloves
Hunter's Vambraces
Hunter's Guards
Bone Vambraces
Bone Guards
Alloy Vambraces
Alloy Guards
Jaggi Vambraces
Jaggi Guards
Rhenoplos Vambraces
Rhenoplos Guards
Qurupeco Vambraces
Qurupeco Guards
Ludroth Vambraces
Ludroth Guards
Steel Vambraces
Baggi Vambraces
Baggi Guards
Barroth Vambraces
Barroth Guards
Gobul VambracesG
Gobul Guards
Ranger's Gauntlets
Archer's Gauntlets
Guild Bard Braces
Guild Bard Sleeves
Scholar's Gloves
Scholar's Sleeves
Rathian Vambraces
Rathian Guards
Gigginox Vambraces
Gigginox Guards
Ingot Vambraces
Ingot Guards
Lagiacrus Vambraces
Lagiacrus Guards
Rathalos Vambraces
Rathalos Guards
Barioth Vambraces
Barioth Guards
Diablos Vambraces
Diablos Guards
Uragaan Vambraces
Uragaan Guards
Agnaktor Vambraces
Agnaktor Guards
Helios Vambraces
Helios Guards
Selene Vambraces
Selene Guards
Yamato Kote
Mutsu Kote
Hinata Kote
Amagi Kote
Dober Vambraces
Dober Guards
Vangis Vambraces
Vangis Guards
Damascus Vambraces
Damascus Guards
Escadora Arms
Escadora Arma
Chakra Bracelet
Grinder Bracelet
Factory Bracelet
Upstream Bracelet
Blast Bracelet
Pep Bracelet

Leather Belt
Piscine Belt
Chainmail Belt
Loc Lac Kilt
Hunter's Faulds
Hunter's Coat
Bone Faulds
Bone Coat
Alloy Coil
Alloy Coat
Jaggi Faulds
Jaggi Coat
Bnahabra Coil
Bnahabra Coat
Rhenoplos Coil
Rhenoplos Coat
Qurupeco Coil
Qurupeco Coat
Ludroth Faulds
Ludroth Coat
Steel Faulds
Baggi Coil
Baggi Coat
Barroth Faulds
Barroth Coat
Gobul Faulds
Gobul Coat
Ranger's Faulds
Archer's Bandolier
Guild Bard Coil
Guild Bard Coat
Scholar's Skirt
Scholar's Mini
Rathian Faulds
Rathian Coat
Gigginox Faulds
Gigginox Coat
Ingot Coil
Ingot Coat
Lagiacrus Faulds
Lagiacrus Coat
Rathalos Faulds
Rathalos Coat
Barioth Faulds
Barioth Coat
Uragaan Faulds
Uragaan Coat
Agnaktor Faulds
Agnaktor Coat
Helios Coil
Helios Coat
Selene Coil
Selene Coat
Yamato Koshiate
Mutsu Koshiate
Hinata Koshiate
Amagi Koshiate
Dober Coil
Dober Coat
Vangis Coil
Vangis Coat
Damascus Coil
Damascus Coat
Escadora Might
Escadora Force
Chakra Waistlet

Leather Pants
Piscine Leggings
Chainmail Pants
Loc Lac Boots
Hunter's Greaves
Hunter's Leggings
Bone Greaves
Bone Leggings
Alloy Greaves
Alloy Leggings
Jaggi Greaves
Jaggi Leggings
Bnahabra Boots
Bnahabra Pants
Rhenoplos Greaves
Rhenoplos Leggings
Qurupeco Greaves
Qurupeco Leggings
Ludroth Greaves
Ludroth Leggings
Baggi Greaves
Baggi Leggings
Barroth Greaves
Barroth Leggings
Gobul Greaves
Gobul Leggings
Ranger's Espadrilles
Archer's Espadrilles
Guild Bard Boots
Guild Bard Gaiters
Scholar's Socks
Scholar's Sandal
Rathian GreavesR
Rathian Leggings
Gigginox Greaves
Gigginox Leggings
Ingot Greaves
Ingot Leggings
Lagiacrus Greaves
Lagiacrus Leggings
Rathalos Greaves
Rathalos Leggings
Rathalos Leggings
Barioth Leggings
Uragaan Greaves
Uragaan Leggings
Agnaktor Greaves
Agnaktor Leggings
Helios Greaves
Helios Leggings
Selene Greaves
Yamato Gusoku
Mutsu Gusoku
Hinata Hakama
Amagi Hakama
Leather Greaves+Piscine Leggings+
Piscine Pants+
Chainmail Greaves+
Chainmail Leggings+
Loc Lac Boots+
Loc Lac Gaiters+
Dober Greaves
Dober Leggings
Vangis Greaves
Vangis Leggings
Damascus Greaves
Damascus Leggings
Escadora Scale
Escadora Scala
Chakra Anklet
Black Leather Pants


  • Pawn Talisman
  • Bishop Talisman
  • Knight Talisman
  • Rook Talisman
  • Queen Talisman
  • King Talisman
  • Dragon Talisman

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