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    I want users to be aware that Wikia is forcing a new layout on November 3, 2010. Every wikia will have to change to this new look. To view it, click More located at the top right corner of your screen, go to Preferences, click on skin tab, and choose the "New Wikia Look" to see what changes are being made. The change is quite drastic so be prepared to rage. Oh and tell us what you think in the comments below.

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    Still scanning/editing the rest.

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    MH3 Armor Names

    April 18, 2010 by Bobofango

    Head Torso Arms Waist Leggings
    Leather Headgear
    Piscine Mask
    Chainmail Headgear
    Hunter's Helm
    Hunter's Cap
    Bone Helm
    Bone Cap
    Alloy Helm
    Alloy Cap
    Jaggi Helm
    Jaggi Cap
    Rhenoplos Helm
    Rhenoplos Cap
    Qurupeco Helm
    Qurupeco Cap
    Ludroth Helm
    Ludroth Cap
    Baggi Helm
    Baggi Cap
    Barroth Helm
    Barroth Cap
    Gobul Helm
    Gobul Cap
    Ranger's Headgear
    Archer's Turban
    Guild Bard Lobos
    Guild Bard Hat
    Scholar's BeretS
    Scholar's Cap
    Rathian Helm
    Rathian Cap
    Gigginox Helm
    Ingot Helm
    Ingot Cap
    Lagiacrus Helm
    Lagiacrus Cap
    Rathalos Helm
    Barioth Helm
    Barioth Cap
    Diablos Helm
    Diablos Cap
    Uragaan Helm
    Uragaan Cap
    Agnaktor Helm
    Agnaktor Cap
    Helios Helm
    Helios Cap
    Selene Helm
    Selene Cap
    Yamato Kabuto
    Mutsu Eboshi
    Hinata Hachigane
    Amagi Hachigane
    Piscine Mask+
    Piscine Snorkel+
    Dober Helm
    Dober Cap
    Vangis Helm
    Vangis Cap
    Damascus Helm

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    Weapon Names

    April 17, 2010 by Bobofango

    Great Swords Sword & Shield Lance Hammer Long Sword Switch Axe

    Iron Sword
    Iron Sword+
    Buster Sword
    Buster Sword+
    Buster Blade
    Ravager Blade+
    Lacerator Blade
    Mutilator Blade
    Rugged Great Sword
    Chieftain's Grt Swd
    High Chief's Grt Swd
    Carapace Sword
    Carapace Blade
    Barroth Wedge
    Barroth Smasher
    Lagiacrus Blade
    Lagia Lightning (R)
    Lagia Lightning (Y)
    Lagia Bluebolt (P)
    Lagia Bluebolt (G)
    High Lagia Blade
    Lagia Wildfire (P)
    Ludroth Bone Sword
    Ludroth Bone Sword+
    Cataclysm Sword
    Cataclysm Blade
    Cataclysm Blade
    Viking Hornsword
    Ancharius Sword
    Red Wing
    Rathalos Firesword
    Rathalos Flamesword
    Bone Blade
    Bone Blade+
    Giant Jawblade
    Wyvern Jawblade
    Golem Blade
    Golem Blade+
    Blade of Talos
    Valkyrie Blade
    Dread Ignition
    High Sieglinde (P)
    High Sieglinde (G)

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