Now i want know what system you'd like the newest MH (not P3rd) to be on, the 3DS or psp2?

Which system would you like to see the next Gen MH on?

The poll was created at 06:58 on February 4, 2011, and so far 78 people voted.

Pro and Con for both:


-Pro for 3DS: Imagine a Rathalos Fireball coming right at you in 3D? and have all the graphics of MHtri? 3D optional. Imagine MHP3rd in 3-D, thats about what it would be like.

-Cons for 3DS: Still same old loading between areas, and 3D may be a Gimick or even wore....cause eye problems (as warned by nintendo) or even loss of depth Perception from hunting monsters in 3D, ouch ><. Wont be able to add more then wii (but more then P3rd, if they keep swimming out)


-Pro for PSP2: NGP may be what MH is waiting for! The Portable MH hunting and that PS3 MH game we have all been waiting for, and with touch screen too! No loading between area...heck totally connected areas! switching between PS3 and PSP2 gameplay (one promised feature by sony). Lets not forget that the game will look oh so sexy too.

-Con for PS2: Oh Sony, can we really Trust you? NGP is an awesome concept, but at what price? they have been very elusive about price, so we may be looking at a 350-500 dollar portable system, thats not god for our wallets. Would Capcom be able to pull it off outside of japan even? Making an HD game is big bucks, and seeing as it struggles outside of Japan, would it even come? Would Capcom risk that even?

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