Ok seeing as the new Weapon trees are being made, id just like to inform people on how to edit them, cause if You try to edit the main weapon tree, all you will see is a simple tab script, so here is how to change it.

go to the weapon tree, and instead of editing that go to the HTTP bar, type at the end /Normal to go to the normal veiw page, add /detailed to go to the webpage for materials, and /pictures to go pictures page if ya want to go to pictures


click these links for the pages I have completed,

Sword and shield:

Dual swords:

Great sword:

^^^^ those are the ones currently converted to the format, I will convert more when they look more like this

Otherwise i wont convert them. oh id like them to be as complete as possible BEFORE i convert them, cause that save alot of time for everyone

so it looks like Hammer, Longsword, Hunting Horn, Lance, Gunlance, Switch Axe, Bowguns, and Bow need more content and to look like

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